Podcasts That Are Actually Perfect For a Workout


Swap the deep house for these.

We get it – exercising isn’t always your favourite activity. Some days it’s so welcome you practically burn the projected amount of calories just racing to get there. Some days though, you’d happily pay someone money to let you spend the hour sliding down the couch cushions to the floor instead of doing yoga. In the interests of motivation, we suggest you schedule that exercise in, get yourself some top-notch activewear (start with a piece like Triumph’s Triaction for the ultimate workout buddy) and get yourself the below podcasts. You’ll be so caught up in the story of your downloads, your workout will be done before you know it (and you’ll probably be an expert on a new subject too).

Here are our favourite podcasts for a good sweat session:

To keep you company: How Did This Get Made?
Like hanging out with a trio of your funniest pals, this podcast discusses questionable films (Junior, anyone?) and how the hell someone paid money to get them into cinemas. Hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas tear apart terrible films, bringing hilarious logicality to the most illogical of cinema with the help of guests who are just as funny. If your running buddy cancels, these guys will save the session.

To push you up that hill: Finding Mastery
Listening to the hard-won achievements of others somehow always manages to boost your own motivation and that’s how Dr. Michael Gervais’ podcast manages to inspire. Featuring masters as broad as elite sportspeople, musicians, neurologists and entrepreneurs, you’ll hear how these determined individuals tackle their own obstacles – and how you can apply their practices to your own life challenges.

To help you lose yourself in your task: The Moth
If you’ve settled in for 10-kilometre trawl, The Moth is the perfect place to get lost: featuring the stories of everyday people as read to a live audience, you’ll be blown away by the lives that have been lived by ‘everyday’ folk. Humble, heartbreaking stories are side by side with inspirational tales of being in the right place at the right time, proving that even the average Joe has the capacity to live an inspired and inspiring life.

To make the endorphins last longer: Good Life Project
This twice-weekly podcast features an interview with influential guests who offer life-changing advice, motivation and inspiration (advice from Elizabeth Gilbert, Seth Godin or Arianna Huffington, anyone?). Each episode is dedicated to improving an aspect of mind, body or soul, all in the interests for living your best life. You’ll be ringing with life insights for the rest of the day.

To distract you from a tough spot: The Read
You’ve got to be up on pop culture references to catch the genius of hosts Kid Fury and Crissle but even when the thread is lost, it’s still sassy and funny as hell. The 80,000 subscribers on iTunes can’t be wrong so we recommend reading up on the happenings of hip hop stars and take a mental seat with these longtime friends – you’ll be up that hill in no time.

To inspire your outdoor activities: The First 40 Miles
You might not even be outside for your workout but this might make you want to get out there. Each episode covers a basic aspect of backpacking – whether it’s learning how to tie a simple knot along with bullet proof fabric that can protect your food, understanding your freeze-dried food options or how to battle rain on your trail, you’ll soon be an expert on getting outdoors.

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