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Transform your diet, transform your life.

Dr Terry Wahls is a clinical professor of medicine and bestselling author of The Wahls Protocol. When Terry got sick with multiple sclerosis, she did what few people can: she became her own patient, and her own physician. This changed her entire approach as a physician, and oriented her research towards dietary and lifestyle interventions. Under her own care, she managed an extraordinary recovery, and after being confined to a tilt/recline wheelchair for four years, she began to walk again. Now, she cycles to work every day. Dr Terry Wahls lectures around the world, inspiring people to transform their health through diet and lifestyle, just as she did.

What is the Wahls Protocol?

A dietary and lifestyle intervention designed specifically for effective mitochondria, brain cell repair – which also reverses many chronic health problems including autoimmune issues, mental health problems, neurodegenerative issues, obesity, and diabetes – by improving cellular function, hormone balance, which leads to improved functioning of the blood vessels and other organs. Patients have improved mood, improved energy, higher quality of life and often require fewer prescription medications. For instance, we often need to lower blood pressure meds as the blood pressure normalises, diabetes meds as blood sugar normalises, and reduce pain meds and pain resolves.

What are your seminars about?

I teach people the connections between a lifetime of diet choices, physical activity, and environmental exposure, and the development of disease or poor health. Genetics are responsible for 5 to 30 per cent of the rick for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, autoimmune problems, mental health problems or dementia. The rest is environmental; things we can control. I teach why diet and lifestyle are so powerful, help people grow their internal motivation to make the change, and provide very specific guidance on how to construct a diet and lifestyle program to improve their health.

Who would you recommend attend your seminars?

People who are looking to improve their quality of life, take control of their health, who are interested in learning what the non-pharmaceutical things they can do to arrest or reverse their decline in health.

Do you find that a lot of people are very misinformed about diet and lifestyle?

Sadly, most physicians are not trained in nutrition, health behaviours, and the process of helping people adopt and sustain diet and lifestyle changes to create and promote health. Physicians offer drugs – and forget that the standard of care is to begin with diet and lifestyle. The public is waking up to their critical role of diet and lifestyle in health.

What are two things that people who want to start their journey to health and wellbeing can start doing immediately, what will make the biggest difference in their life?

Replace sugar-sweetened beverages with water. And replace grain- and flour-based products with vegetables. Try to eat three plates of vegetables per day.

This is the first time Dr Terry Wahls is taking her ‘Transform YOUR Health’ tour to Australia. Dr Terry Wahls combines her clinical research with her experience as a patient to bring a holistic approach to your health. Book tickets today, and learn from a leading expert in nutrition and wellness how you can super-charge your health, from the mitochondria in your cells, to the bacteria in your guts, to the neurons in your brain.

Dr Terry Wahls is touring Melbourne at the Plenary Melbourne Convention Centre on April 21, and Sydney Pyrmont Theatre ICC on May 5.

Visit terrywahls.com

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