Dear Start-up Community: entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, creatives, game-changers, thought-leaders, rule-breakers & style-makers. Welcome to – the latest iteration and evolution of my purpose to ignite human potential, globally.

As you’ll know by now, the print edition of Collective Hub – our original platform which sparked a global entrepreneurial movement – is no more. In life nothing stays the same, and who would want it to? We pivot, we evolve, we grow, we learn. This is truly the magic of entrepreneurship.

As an ‘entrepreneur for entrepreneurs’ I’ve always been an open book, which is why I want to welcome you to this platform with an explanation – why I chose to close Collective Hub, why a brand loved by so many needed to be reborn, and why breaking the things we love is sometimes vital to remake them.

To our loving and loyal Collective Hub community – I’m more dedicated to supporting your life path than ever. I’ll continue to share every lesson I’ve learnt as an entrepreneur here, along with digital masterclasses, new books, special events and so much more.

Think of this platform as your loudest cheerleader, wisest mentor and kindest soul-mate, guiding you to follow your passion.

I can’t wait to walk the next stage of our journeys, together.

Here’s to a bigger, bolder, daring future…

Lisa xx


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