How To Have Fun Everyday

by Helen Koker

Inject some play time into your day time.

So, business is booming, you’re happy in your professional and personal life but something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it…

When was the last time you laughed, really laughed, big belly laughs that had tears building in your eyes? Can’t think of it? Need a minute to remember? These are all signs that you’re missing that magic, quintessential life ingredient – FUN! Right now you’re probably thinking, “how on earth can I possibly fit that into my already jam packed schedule” – well, as with everything it’s about choices and priorities.

1. Wake up earlier.

Yep, wind your alarm back, whether its fifteen minutes, half an hour or even a full hour. Give yourself extra time and you will automatically feel more free, less stressed, and ready to enjoy.

2. Cut down on screen time.

A quick look at recent studies reveals that Australian adults are spending an average of 9+ hours screen time per day, including computer, mobile, and television. Think about that for a second, 9 hours. Nine. Probably more than the amount of sleep you’re getting on a good night. Think these numbers don’t apply to you? Think again, we bet if you add up your average its way higher than you would like to admit. So, that ten minutes you scroll Insta after you’ve woken up, or the hour lunch break you spend on social media or still sitting at your desk, scrap it. Use your time more creatively. Arrange flexible hours so you can start earlier and get home sooner. Use it for play. With your kids, your cat, your dog, your friends. Throw a ball. Flirt with your partner. Play chasey. Go rollerblading. Ride a bike just for the hell of it. Paint a picture. Play cards. Take a picnic to the park… you get the picture. Try this for a week, and watch your life transform.

3. Take up a hobby.

Whether you want to go to dance classes or try pottery, prioritise time in your schedule for a creative group activity every single week. You might dread it at first and feel like you’re too tired or too busy, but if you can commit for those first few weeks, we promise you will start to look forward to it, and even find yourself enjoying it enormously.

4. Smile more.

Smile counterintuitively, smile when you spill hot coffee on your new blouse (Dw, it will come out in the wash with a bit of enzyme spray). Fake a laugh. If you can fake it, you can make it. It sounds cliche, but honestly it works better than you can imagine. Try this next time something upsets you, and watch your attitude shift.

5. Bring fun to work.

Set up incentives – first one to hand in their weekly report gets to finish half an hour early next week. First to score three goals in a impromptu game of trash ball gets those amazing free event tickets your client gave you. Trying to come up with clever new strategies? Make it into a game. Staff losing focus around 3pm? Have a cheeky game of office twister for fifteen minutes. We’re not joking. Watch your team’s productivity soar after a burst of fun and play injects new found energy and reinforces team work.

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