Don't let pain damage your productivity.

One of the biggest enemies for the modern woman looking to smash goals are headaches. The lingering pain in your head puts a halt to your productivity, and you would do anything to bounce back to your better self. When you’re reaching for medication, it’s already too late.

Rebecca Gawthorne, founder of award-winning blog Nourish Naturally, Accredited Practicing Dietician and Accredited Nutritionist explains that these headaches can often be reactions to what you put into your body. Here are her top 3 tips to help hack headaches:

1) Hydrate: It is so, so easy to forget to actually drink when you’re in-between meetings or tasks but did you know dehydration actually causes your brain cells to physically pull away from your skull causing headaches? Make sure you carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go and aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. If it helps, mark on your bottle litre increments so you can keep note of how you are tracking.

2) Eat regular meals: Taking care of your body is equivalent to taking care of your head – don’t think of these as separate entities. In a state of hunger, you might notice tightness and tension in your belly. This happens to your head too which can cause headaches. Eating regularly is key to your body, and brain, feeling satisfied. Go for fire rich foods like whole grains, veggies, fruit and legumes if you know you will be going a while between meals to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

3) Think about your gut: Your gut is intrinsically linked to virtually all the organs in your body, including the brain. Keeping a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut is crucial to reduce headaches. The best way to preserve a healthy gut is to consume probiotic-rich foods, through fermented foods like yoghurt, miso or kombucha. I’m loving the Nexba Kombucha range as they deliver a quick probiotic hit and unlike many others are sugar and artificial free. Lots of products may seem ‘healthy’ on the outset but be sure to check the nutritional content and avoid anything high in sugar or artificial ingredients as this too can cause headaches.

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