You can unplug without falling off the radar – as this TECH FOUNDER has mastered.
Words: Sarah Nally

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a technology addict’. This was the title of a blog post entrepreneur Sarah Nally, the founder of Wonder & Wander, posted in December 2017. Despite loving technology – and creating several start-ups around it – she realised she wasn’t using it to ‘extend my reach or enrich my life. I’m using it in an unconscious and prolific rather than conscious and profound way.’ 

So how do you make changes sustainable? We all know how we’re supposed to
digitally detox – remove our phone from our bedroom, only check emails before
8pm, book a holiday in the wilderness. However, it’s not the only way … 

Two years later, the tech founder – whose events have helped over 25,000 people embrace innovation and evolve as leaders – shares her learnings. And, why she’s less tech dependant than you think.

Know Your Numbers
I have several Instagram accounts for my various businesses and I enjoy creating content on the fly. However, my friends comment that they are surprised I’m not on my phone all the time. I pick up my phone approximately 679 times a week, or just under 100 times a day (go to your settings if you have an iPhone and check this stat). This may horrify you but I only spend 2.47 minutes on my phone each time. 

Maximise the Time
During this three minute window, I can check email, post two photos on Instagram, and take 15 photos of my kids doing something adorable. Or, I can do a quick meditation on Headspace or choose a song on Spotify and dance it out. I have eight years mastering something I call ‘task flicking’ – putting things down and picking them up again to test how fast I can resume a task. It’s incredibly useful as a mum.

Break your Rules
Earlier this year, I decided to digitally detox for ten days – only using gadgets for necessities – but I ended my ban three days early because it just wasn’t fun! In a world where my friends and family are distributed around the planet, this little thing called technology and social media can be used to positively connect us, extend our reach and enhance our relationships.

Embrace to Evolve
We can use technology to augment our reality in a great way. We can automate tasks so that we’re more present with things that matter. We can leverage technology to juggle parenting, business and life. Today, I love technology but also advocate offline play. In the ‘wonder box’ I bring to workshops, I’ll be packing Post-it notes for fleshing out ideas, Play Doh for creative thinking and Lego for strategising. 

Be Conscious
I say hooray to Instagram – just limit your sessions to two minutes. I say hooray to Facebook for sharing with the people who matter. I say WHY NOT to bringing your laptop on holiday and writing a little at the beach if your kids are safe and happily playing. I do have ‘don’ts’ – be present at meals and in meetings, never bully, don’t share to get a reaction and never steal (content). When we consciously make choices about how, why, where and when we use technology, it’s a game changer. 

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