Tony Robbin’s 3 Master Principles of Sustainable Success


Simple ways to improve your life and achieve success.

Last week the wonderful team at Success Resources Australia invited me to go along to Tony Robbins, to which I of course said a big YES!

From as early as I can remember Tony has been the most celebrated, larger than life (and having now met him I can definitely say he is) transformational leader and coach. The energy was truly palpable and infectious and amongst all the movement, dance and high fiving, there were a lot of great takeaways and life lessons.

Something simple that stood out for me was around the three master principles of sustainable success. To paraphrase “the true measure of success is not the initial attainment of a goal, rather, it lies with the ability for the change to be sustainable across time, context and circumstance”.

Read that again – it gives me shivers to my core.

Tony elaborated on this “to create sustainable success and fulfilment, it requires a psychology and mindset that is based on an ongoing commitment to three principles:
1) Create the base – for anything to grow, you must create a strong foundation
2) Challenge & Grow – with a strong base in place, push yourself to achieve maximum health & vitality
3) Celebrate and Reward – acknowledge your wins both big and small”

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