Five Mins With Ruchika Sachdeva of Bodice Studio


On sustainability, design, and artisanal practices

Collective Hub recently joined Parlour X in welcoming 2018 International Woolmark Prize Winner & Bodice Studio designer Ruchika Sachdeva to Australia.

On the panel, Indian-based Ruchika joined Woolmark judge Eva Galambos and guest speakers Clare Press, Sustainability Editor of Vogue Australia and Glynis Traill Nash, Fashion Editor of The Australian to challenge opinions on sustainability, share insight into traditional artisanal practices, and discuss design for form and function to a compelled industry audience of seventy guests.

“I don’t call my brand sustainable because it’s a fashionable, trend-driven word. I’m aware and conscious – [sustainability] should be a way of life.” 

Our top insights from the day:

– Sustainability should be a given, not a buzzword. Lets educate our young creatives to include sustainable practices as a priority in their designs, not as an afterthought or a trend.

– It’s easy to point out flaws when we look at the sustainable practices of businesses, the automatic response seems to be “but don’t you use plastic in your packaging?” or “you could do better”, and while its ultra important to have those tricky conversations it is equally as important that we celebrate what people are doing right, after all there are very few of us who are perfect!

– Don’t be restricted by design problems, focus on the solution and allow this to open your mind to new possibilities. Ruchika demonstrated this in her use of pleating “I love the plisse pleat effect but I don’t know how good it is for the environment because you need polyester,” she pointed out, Clare adding that 70 percent of the world’s clothes are made of polyester which does not biodegrade. Ruchika saw this as an opportunity to innovate and came up with a technique using hand stitched pleats in rich fabrics. Use problems, whatever they may be, to drive change and innovation.

Bodice Studio is available at Parlour X in Sydney and online.

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