Find out what makes this entrepreneur tick, her why, how, and insight into her success.

Collective Hub founder Lisa Messenger chats with Caroline McCulloch, Podiatrist & Physiotherapist turned footwear designer & the brainchild behind FRANKiE4 Footwear 

Caroline is on a mission to provide women with the ultimate foot supporting benefits, packed into styles they feel confident wearing.

What’s Your Why?
To provide women with a healthier option for fashion footwear.  I want to revolutionise women’s footwear expectations;  I believe there shouldn’t be a compromise between fashion and foot health.

What do you stand for? 
I stand for ‘going the extra mile’, to not cut corners in the decisions I make on my product, my team, my customers and everything in between.

What’s your competitive advantage?
Im a podiatrist and physiotherapist, with a footwear and fashion obsession.  My knowledge of foot biomechanics influences our footwear designs, I believe that is an advantage.

Why will you last?
Continuous re-invention, with a constant feeling of being obligated to do better. Self reflection and a promise to myself not to make the same mistake twice (anymore).

What are you most excited by?
I’m always excited and hopeful with the future range as I work on it.

How do you want people to feel when they use your products?
I want women to feel ‘spoilt’. I want them to just love how they look and feel with our FRANKiE4’s under their feet.

Who is your ideal collaboration with?
You. You give women hope and inspiration.  FRANKiE4 makes me feel that I’m able to help women in my own way, just as you help women in your way. We should collab!

Biggest challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
Self doubt was a big challenge initially. Being told we would go broke if we continued with FRANKIE4 use to play on my mind.  I’ve overcome that by selling close to 15 million dollars worth of FRANKIE4’s this last financial year.

App you can’t live without?
We-chat; we-chat videos calls allows me to work with my supplier from anywhere. Some of my best work is done in the school carpark waiting to pick up my boy.

Most useful tool for a start up?
That’s a hard one, I can’t think of a tool….
Though not a tool, I would say that living and breathing our industry for a good amount of time before we launched our label was incredibly useful. We have owned our own footwear retail shoe stores since 2003.
I’m certainly not an overnight success. I’ve fitted and sold 1000s of pairs of shoes to women before we started FRANKIE4. I’ve treated many patients and listened to their experience and feelings about comfort footwear long before we created FRANKIE4. I then immersed myself into footwear development and footwear production since 2010, to better understand the capabilities, efficiencies and today’s reality of footwear making.  All these things put us in a  position to make make sound and sustainable business decisions. I just have to keep the dream alive now.

Find out more about FRANKiE4 Footwear here.

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