Meet the Founder Helping Brides-to-be Stay Sane (and Fit) for their Big Day


Harnessing wellness before the wedding.

When White Honey founder Jade Johnson started her business, she already had a job: working in women’s fitness, as well as movement coaching with athletes.

“Due to the nature of my business, I have consequently worked with a lot of women over the years, with very varied starting points and personal goals,” Jade explains.

One consistent theme – and one particular event – Jade noted among her female clients had more to do with working the inside than it did the out.

“I feel that as women, we all struggle at times with self-confidence issues, particularly body confidence,” Jade explains. “The thought of the spotlight and internal expectations of themselves can leave [brides-to-be] feeling overwhelmed and [they begin] setting goals with a negative mindset.”

It wasn’t until one of Jade’s female clients specifically asked for assistance with pre-wedding training goals that a business idea began to take shape. Jade ‘loved’ the journey that unfolded – crafting a goal-specific regimen, helping women find their confidence, filming exercise sessions for individuals to undertake on their own – and the foundations were finally laid for White Honey.

Combining extensive experience in ballet, her work with elite sports training, along with the expertise of a yoga instructor and a lifestyle coach, Jade developed programs specifically to meet wedding-ready fitness goals, focusing on a wide-ranging, holistic approach to wellness that isn’t limited to physical results.

“I found that offering ladies a more varied approach to moving positively towards a balanced body, whilst having fun sweating it out, provided a great alternative for women who don’t naturally gravitate towards a traditional gym environment,” says Jade.

One other unique aspect of her training is Jade’s online platform that allows women to check in with their goals and follow programs wherever they are around the country (or the world).

And while some may argue that a wedding isn’t reason enough to tackle fitness goals, Jade’s experience with women and wellness begs to differ.

“I have come to realise that for so many women, their wedding gives them an opportunity to pause and consequently touch base with where they are at,” she explains. “[It provides] the rare chance to think about their goals for themselves and to unapologetically put these goals and their happiness closer to the top of their own ‘to do’ list, instead of buried at the bottom somewhere. It’s an incredible window of self-development, and one that I take great joy in being a part of.”

Wellness isn’t just about how you look, she adds, it’s about how you feel – a core component of the White Honey philosophy.

“Wellness can be interpreted in so many ways and nearly all of these are entirely correct in their own right,” Jade says. “For instance, just focusing on nutrition specifically is an entirely valid approach to maintaining wellness. For me, it has always been about moving the body and integrating small positive lifestyle changes that can help deliver amazing results. If you’re happier, healthier and more confident as a result, then I feel this is just as valid an approach to wellness.”



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