Want to Mix Motherhood With Business? Here’s How it’s Done


Meet the mama-preneur behind Eat Fit Food.

When Bianca Monley launched her now thriving wholefood delivery service Eat Fit Food, she was just 22.

“Prior to that, I worked as a sales consultant for Fitness First in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs,” she tells us. “Going back to my childhood, food has always been in my blood – I was bought up in a family-owned restaurant. Meal prep, cleaning after a busy night, and running a business were part of my day-to-day life from a very young age.”

Despite having a firm footing in creating delicious meals for others, Bianca took on the challenge of creating her own business without any practical knowledge of what running your own hustle actually looks like.

“For me, not having previous business experience was a huge lesson and I definitely learnt the hard way,” she confesses. “Usually by me making some decisions which resulted in me losing more money than I intended to. However, on the flipside, by making these mistakes I learnt something new and began to take the business to the next level. Staying strong and believing in yourself is key. It is also important to surround yourself with positive people who will elevate you and provide you with the ongoing support you need.”

Her next big challenge? Adding family to the mix. Bianca had her three children very close together, resulting in a complex (and admirable) juggling act of personal and professional spheres. Her business was self-described as her “first baby”, so what happened when another three became part of her life?

“[Motherhood] changed a lot,” she admits. “I cannot do the longer hours in the office like I did pre-children and often have to continue projects when the kids have gone to bed.”

Although finding the right balance is “always hard” for Bianca and her family, she’s found something that works for her.

“I do the best that I can and often bring them into work with me. This way, I’m involving them in my work at Eat Fit Food, similar to my own upbringing. I believe they are learning good lessons in life, such as if you want something you have to work hard for it. They really love being part of it and often role play at home and take turns being the boss at Eat Fit Food. It’s adorable.”

Not only has motherhood given Bianca a few extra colleagues around the office, it’s also altered some of her choices for the direction of her business. If a decision is going to cause a knock-on effect with family time, Bianca will reassess.

“I’m always having to weigh up the pros and cons of the many crazy ideas I, as an entrepreneur, get on a daily basis. However, since becoming a mother, my choices are completely different. I adore my family and put them first when considering which path Eat Fit Food will take.”

Busy days aside, the linchpin of mixing her two passions boils down to mindset.

“I always try and remain positive. If you fall down, everything around you soon follows,” she says. “It’s all about knowing your strengths and weaknesses well, so that you can have a strategy in place for when times are challenging. This not only empowers you, it makes you feel better so you can be the best person you possibly can be.

“My philosophy with this is, when you are with your family, be 100 per cent present, as this makes a world of difference to a happy household.”

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Photography by Luisa Brimble

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