Real & Raw: Lisa Messenger and Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia on the Sharing Economy


Airbnb's co-founder on the future of the sharing economy.

On Airbnb, in Australia alone, local hosts have earned more than AU$880 million to date. A typical Aussie host earns AU$5,600 per year, according to the platform’s stats, and more than 4.6 million guests have arrived from overseas to stay in Airbnb properties. Yet it wasn’t so long ago that the thought of staying in a stranger’s home seemed crazy – and certainly not the perfect idea for a business.

Fast forward a decade and, since launching, Airbnb has become a pioneer of the shared economy. But it’s not just interested in offering bed and (sometimes!) breakfast.

In the next of our exclusive video interviews with co-founder Joe Gebbia, shot during his trip to Sydney to launch Airbnb’s Experiences platform in Melbourne, we grilled the co-founder on the future of the sharing economy. And how they’re inspired by obscure sharing schemes around the planet (including a unique sharing system in South Korea). How can we utilise technology to connect people with excess commodities with people who need them? Watch on…

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