How to Write a LinkedIn Summary That’ll Land You Your Next Job


Use your 300 words wisely.

Ed’s note: This post was written by guest editor Monica Kade of The Monica Kade Podcast.

The biggest mistake I see people make when writing their LinkedIn profile summary is that they’re too impersonal. They throw in the big guns when it comes to professional experience and then skimp on the personality part.

Here’s the thing: in person, you’re no doubt charming, charismatic and witty. In person, you’re engaging, intelligent and communicate your creativity fluently.

So, why is it then, when it comes to your LinkedIn profile, you present yourself as upholding the personality of a table?

Yes, professional experience definitely serves its purpose and will leave an impression. However, what will connect (and engage) the reader more deeply is if you can capture who you are and express that into words.

For a lot of my clients, that’s the main reason they seek out my LinkedIn profile writing (or bio writing) service. They know they’ve got something to say, they sport high-business acumen, and they also have trouble capturing who they are into approximately 300 words.

Think about it: encapsulating who you are in 300 words can be challenging. What do you include and what do you leave out? You’re going to want to make sure your profile packs a mean punch – so no personality skimping, please.

How to write a LinkedIn summary that’ll land you a job

Nail your tagline

Located under your name, you’re given space to nail who you are/what you do in a sentence or short phrase. My suggestion is to make this a little offbeat. Please note, this doesn’t mean you go off the rails and write something absurd or not suitable for the LinkedIn platform. No. See if you can find another way to say that you run an events management company. What makes you different? What’s so magic about you that puts you ahead of your competitors? Can you blend in a bit of humour?

Here’s an example that I wrote for one of my clients: “The event management agency that executes a killer game plan while imagination rides shotgun.”

Break down your LinkedIn summary into three parts

The easiest and quickest way to write this is to break it down into three parts.


Communicate to your audience or potential recruiters who you are, how you got to this point in your life (save the really intimate details) and what you’re doing now. Have a bit of fun with this…

An intro sentence I wrote for a client was: “I’m XXX; media consultant and innovation provocateur. I’ve roused and wrangled the outdoor advertising and media industry in Australia, APAC, the Middle East and Europe. I’m armed with 20 years’ experience. And, in a fast-paced digital world, I’m eager to cultivate strong business relationships based on respect, loyalty and trust.”

Strong, right? Powerful. Engaging. You can do this too!

If you’ve got some time-gaps in your career timeline – don’t be ashamed of them. A few of my clients have felt they’d be rejected because they’ve exited the workforce to have a baby, take a trip or take time to discover what it is they actually wanted to do. Don’t adopt that perspective!

Life happens and things change constantly, it shows you’re evolving and you’re innovating in your life. If you have these gaps, just explain where you’ve been and who you’ve become because of it.


I recommend noting the companies you’ve worked for and any media exposure you’ve had. Or if you’re a business owner, dive a little deeper and share what it is your company does. If you’re a job seeker, share your vision and why you see yourself at this company. What goods are you bringing to the table?


Here, include something personal about you – that you love the ocean on a rainy day (that’s me) or you do CrossFit (me again). Share something that depicts your humanness. Connection is key.

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is there to help you connect with people across various industries. It’s just another way you can promote yourself. Knowing that, make sure you communicate who you really are. If you need help with this, then head on over to and let’s talk.

About the author

Monica Kade is a writer and communication specialist who helps people be more confident, find clarity and communicate who they are in business and life. She specialises in writing LinkedIn profiles and personal bios, and has 12+ years in publishing, communications and interviews. She can take your work-life experience and summarise it onto a postage stamp if needed. So get in touch. or visit

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