An Important Message to Our Startup Community


The story behind the story.

Dear Startup Community; our inspiration, our sole reason for being.

In life, nothing stays the same, and who would want it to? We pivot, we evolve, we grow, we learn. This is truly the magic of entrepreneurship.

We’re guessing you’re here because you’ve spotted the latest cover of our new issue. No image. No colour. Raw, stripped back and bare. Instead of a beautiful picture, we printed an open letter to our community revealing HUGE news about Collective Hub’s future.

Our big reveal? This will be the last issue of Collective Hub. Sometimes, you have to break something you love to remake it. Sometimes, everybody needs to stop and ask themselves – is this my greatest calling going forward? Or, is there a bolder, braver, smarter way to fulfil my purpose?

Our founder, Lisa Messenger, reveals the reasons behind the decision in the new (and final!) issue of Collective Hub which you can shop here, read online or pick up at your local newsstands.

Want to hear the full story? Head to to watch an exclusive interview with Lisa and Collective Hub’s editor Amy Molloy, discussing the magazine’s finale and the next evolution of the brand that we’d love you to be a part of.

Since the dawn of Collective Hub, we’ve encouraged our community to live loudly and proudly. That’s why we’ve chosen to go out with a BANG – and a few home truths about what it really takes to survive in the start-up scene.

Thank you to our community for your support, your loyalty and love.

THIS is an issue not to be missed…

Amy Molloy




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