Money & Mindfulness: Living A Life of Abundance


Want to change your mindset around money and attract more of it?

“In Money & Mindfulness, you can expect an insightful and honest account of my money journey and how I finally found the means to launch not only a business, but a global movement.”
– Lisa Messenger

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, creative, parent, or all of the above, this is a safe place where it’s not rude to talk (or write) about money – in fact, it’s essential!

Have you been using a lack of money as an excuse for not stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your purpose?

Do you want to transform your way of thinking and look at money in a whole new, positive light?

You’re looking to transform your relationship with money and let go of unhelpful money habits that are holding you back.

You’re eager to expand your mind and adopt an entrepreneurial-style of thinking when it comes to finances.

With exercises, tasks, prompts and personal challenges, this course will help you explore the emotional barriers that prevent you from reaching your full potential; the money values you learnt in childhood that are holding you back; and the value you really place on your skill set.

Mixing advice from mentors, experts and prominent role models, alongside lessons garnered on her own entrepreneurial journey, Lisa reveals how she has built a global brand and launched a magazine sold in more than 37 countries, without having to borrow a single cent from a bank.

Lisa shares invaluable insights into her world and what it truly takes to be a disruptive entrepreneur, covering everything from how money is never the only currency, to if you’re going to fail, you may as well do it well.

This is not your average money masterclass.


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