5 Ways to Consciously Indulge Your Whims This Easter


Self-care strategies just for you.

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You surely don’t need reminding that there’s a four-day long weekend on the horizon. If you’re recently been overwhelmed by work and need a little plan for looking after yourself come Easter, you can count on us. We’ve compiled five handy tips that will see you leave your office life well behind you (if only for a few days). Let’s do it.

1. Tap your stress away

Have you just stepped away from a somewhat harrowing week of work? The very simple technique of “tapping” could help reset you for the long weekend ahead. It’s born from the basic tenets of acupressure: an ancient method of sending signals to the body to trigger its own self-healing mechanisms. Acupressure helps correct imbalances and restore the flow of vital energy (Qi). To try it, take three fingers and rapidly, gently tap on the following places for 30 seconds: above your eyebrows, below your eyes, above your lips, and finally your temples.

2. Umm, chocolate?

If you’ve sworn off sugar for your health’s sake, you don’t have to miss out this Easter. Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is the one to reach for. It’s sweetened with stevia and doesn’t compromise on deliciousness. Most ordinary chocolates contain in excess of 50 per cent sugar! Take that out and you’re left with cacao, which is mighty good for you, containing antioxidants, good fats, and magnesium.

3. Buy someone lunch

Buy a friend a lunch (or two or three) from Two Good, which sells celebrity-chef designer lunches that come in cute, trendy jars. Everyone loves food, and with items such as “Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Salad” on the menu, it’s not hard to see why. Even better is how Two Good gives back, meaning you’re quietly doing your do-gooder part. For every lunch sold, another is donated to a domestic violence shelter in Australia.

4. Ignore your devices

It’s hard to switch off when you’re constantly plugged in to countless newsfeeds, and while it’s all well and good to share a pic of your overpriced brunch (if you must), if you truly want to unwind this Easter, you’re going to have to set some boundaries. Laptops and tablets turn off, you know, so instil a ban on yourself this weekend. Plus, these days there’s a certain thrill in leaving the house sans smartphone. Do you dare?

5. Read a slim novel

So we thought we’d throwback to something quite old-fashioned. A pastime you might have encountered before called reading books. Can’t recall how it’s done? Dive into these small but mighty titles that won’t take longer than a long weekend, and you’ll soon get the jist.

Well Naturally No Sugar Added Chocolate is available in the health food aisle of Coles, Woolworths and select independent supermarkets.

April Smallwood

Digital editor Collective Hub

April is the digital editor of Collective Hub.



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