So What Did Zuckerberg Mean by ‘Meaningful’ Content Anyway?


Here's why your content strategy is non-negotiable.

Ed’s note: This post was written by guest editor Lisa Paton of Carnaby + Company.

So Mark Zuckerberg wants us all to have more meaningful social interactions, on Facebook at least. That’s pretty commendable. But what does it mean for your branded content strategy? Because you do have one, right? A strategy, that is? Maybe hold that thought for a moment.

The point is that Facebook now wants its platform to focus on bringing people together in ways that improve our wellbeing and happiness – and, weirdly, that has sent many publishers and brands into a total tailspin, because the implication is that they may no longer have a role to play in that scenario, or at least a voice in that Facebook conversation.

But to be frank, good content marketing – and by ‘good’ I mean ‘truly effective’ content marketing (big difference) – on Facebook, and anywhere else for that matter, has only ever been about creating meaningful interactions. Because otherwise, why bother?

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As any strategist worth their wage will tell you, you have to be big on the ‘why bother’ question when it comes to creating content – it’s the first thing you should be asking yourself. Followed by who are you doing this for? And why should they care? Because here’s the first clue: it’s not all about you.

The best examples of branded content are not necessarily those with the biggest budgets, or the ‘schmickest’ production values – they are the ones that strategically resonate (connect) with and add value (improve wellbeing) to their audience – in sometimes simple, sometimes plain smart, but always in bottom-line measurable ways.

Which brings us back to that content strategy that you keep meaning to work on – the one where you spend a little time getting to know your audience so that you can ‘define the want and fulfil the need’.

Because without a strategy, you will have no purpose – and without purpose there is really no point – it’s the only way to make sure the content you invest in delivers a truly meaningful interaction, for your audience and for your business.

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