Lisa Messenger: 20 Hours in Paradise and Why I Needed it


Festival life teaches you plenty.

Lisa Messenger: 20 Hours in Paradise and Why I Needed it

The tagline for Glenworth Valley’s Lost Paradise music festival Dec 28-Jan 1 is, “Travel to a magical place where happiness flourishes. Experience a microcosm of love, friendship, fun and community. Lost paradise is your hidden wonderland”. It’s a big promise, sure, but having gone on my birthday just passed and with no expectations, I walked out 20 hours later having experienced everything promised and more.

Many of you probably know I am a big advocate of the whole “disconnect to reconnect” philosophy. Particularly as an entrepreneur, we usually juggle so many things that we eventually lose sight of ourselves and our inner joy. I also love to dance, dress up boho-style and get out of the big smoke once in a while. Lost Paradise was all this and more – right on our doorstep. Like so many unexpected things, it taught me so much about leaving work behind and trying new things. Here’s a taster:

I completely switched off

There is no WiFi here and so you have no choice but to switch off. Even though you’re only half an hour away from the city limits geographically, you could be anywhere on the planet. Heaven.

Good, ol’-fashioned fun

There is nothing quite like dressing up, sharing glitter with strangers (read: my new friends), pimping out your glamp site (thanks, Simple Pleasures), dancing anywhere anytime, doing a love bomb meditation, and following it up with laughing yoga – it’s a thing; try it STAT.

Embracing your spiritual side

Trying new things leads to new ideas and broadens your sense of self. Despite dancing until 2am on the night we arrived, my partner and I were up at 8am the next day to immerse ourselves in every class and talk on offer. To the point where we hadn’t eaten a thing come 1pm. I find that when you go to festivals or retreats, it’s prime time to dive deep into what’s out there. This is one of the best and most organised events I’ve attended (and I’ve been to a lot!) and whoever curated the masterclasses did a brilliant job of taking us out of our comfort zones. Two things I’ll be taking into 2018 are more glamping, and more retreats with Simon Borg-Olivier – the guy is a spiritual and yogic master!

Connecting with strangers

We’re constantly surrounded by beautiful souls who, were we to take a moment to approach them, have so much to impart. At Lost Paradise, you’ll find there are so many activities that have you interacting with people (if not dancing with them) round the clock. There’s the love post office, hula hooping, laughter yoga, and belly dancing, to name a few. To keep a little of the festival spirit alive, I’d recommend trying to bring these into your daily lives if possible. Our minds need precious downtime to do their best work, so let’s give them that this year.


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