How I Finally Learnt to Embrace Slow Living as a Busy Entrepreneur


Put on the brakes and go slow.

Ed’s note: This post was written by guest editor Kaitie Manani of The Slow Mode.

I was on a fast train that couldn’t slow down. I knew I desperately had to get off, but I just didn’t know how. After seven years of building my previous swimwear business, Vamastyle, I had wound myself so tightly into a permanent state of stress by trying to do it all, trying to please everyone, and not ever putting enough boundaries around work, family and living.

Something felt missing in this business; I was searching for more purpose and meaning that truly aligned with my personal beliefs. I was craving a sense of community and connection, not competition.

The body never lies, and all of the stress I was manifesting began to take its toll on my body. For years I had been barely coping with a mix of thyroid, fatigue and autoimmune issues, but a severe adrenal fatigue crash was the final straw that flattened me to the floor so hard, it was frightening. I was a just a hairline away from complete adrenal failure (i.e. hospital), suffering from panic attacks, raging cortisol, wired all night and exhausted all day, extreme fatigue, nausea and vertigo.

I couldn’t continue to ignore these symptoms any longer. Change was needed. I needed to find my “slow” and get back to a nourishing, nurturing and creative state for my mind, body and soul.

During this intense healing time, Vedic meditation was (and still is) my lifeline reconnecting me to myself, allowing deep healing and recharging my overworked liver, thyroid and adrenals gently.

My business The Slow Mode came to me during a meditation session. I knew it was exactly the right type of business that was nurturing, creative and community-driven. It is an online curation of slowly made fashion, home and beauty brands handcrafted by artisans around the world. There are also go-to wellness guides, which share stories of healing and advice from wellness warriors I’ve connected with.

This truly feels like I am now aligned with my business, not against it. Creating The Slow Mode is helping me to heal on levels I could never have imagined. By deeply tuning in to my body, I don’t push it any harder than it needs to go. Some days, I get so much done; other days are much slower. I have learnt to trust and be grateful for this transformation and not fight it.

Daily practices that help me find my “slow”

I start and end the day with a 20-minute Vedic meditation, and practise deep breathing when I feel my cortisol levels rising.

I use my anxiety set by Courtney and the Babes over my wrists and neck. It’s packed full of anxiety-healing and sleep-inducing essential oils.

I don’t sit at my computer for longer than hour. Instead, I get up and walk outside, stretch out on my yoga mat… just move for 10-15 minutes, before heading back to the office.

Making my bullet proof matcha every morning is my daily healthy “treat”. Matcha has 10 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. It’s crucial for combating stress and polluted environments.

I commit to 2-3 hours a day (and all night) having my phone switched to flight mode. It makes such a difference to your head space and allows you to just focus one one task.

Kaitie Manani



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