10 Genius Tools to Boost Your Output ASAP


Wonder where your day goes?

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It’s a rare soul who ploughs through their daily tasks without external help. Us humans, on the other hand, have gathered tools and techniques that make organising, scrolling and goal-setting that little bit more manageable. Here are the 10 that we presently can’t get enough of (nor live without).

For goal-setting

By aligning your day-to-day doings with larger life goals, the SELF Journal helps you craft targets, break them down and form daily habits that will help transfer your dreams from the page to reality – with space to reflect on lessons learnt, wins and what you’re grateful for throughout it.

For daily planning

Designed to be used while you drink your morning coffee, the FocusList app asks you to set daily tasks and their desired duration. It then helps you focus by using the Pomodoro Technique, where you pick a task, do it for 25 minutes and then take a five-minute break (repeat until done).

For email management

Unsubscribing from mailing lists can be laborious – that is, unless you enlist the help of a site such as Unroll.me. It scans your entire email account and puts everything you’re subscribed to in a list. You’re then at liberty to scroll through, unsubscribing to your heart’s content.

For fast learning

Want to really supercharge your commute? Use the Blinkist app – it summarises more than 2000 bestselling nonfiction titles across 19 categories – extracting their key lessons and insights – and reads them to you in 15 minutes or less. Talk about a speed read.

For thought ordering

The humble Post-it note has endless potential. Use these sticky reminders to structure your to-do lists, storyboard your novel, conduct life audits (the old ‘keep’, ‘charity bin’, or ‘chuck’) and flaunt your favourite mantras and affirmations.

For chilling out

Studies show that practising meditation and mindfulness goes a long way in boosting productivity. Apps such as Calm can help here, offering guided sessions (many of them free) to tackle stress, improve
sleep quality, break bad habits and help you properly zone out.

For organisation

Touting itself as your ‘second brain’, Evernote software will capture and organise your life and business admin, ideas, links, attachments, recordings… you name it, with widgets that allow you to note-take at (almost) the speed of thought.

For power posting

With social media a major time zap, tools such as Buffer can help save you hours, by managing all your profiles and activity across numerous social networks from a single dashboard. It also tracks how you’re trending and helps you to schedule content.

For accountability

Wonder where your day goes? Time management app RescueTime monitors your computer and mobile device usage and gives you detailed reports on where you’ve been. It can also help you kick online habits by setting alerts and temporarily blocking distracting sites.

For balance

Launched through a Start Some Good crowdfunding campaign, the Radical Self Journal by Kate Alexandra is designed to help you balance work and self-care. It contains 14 weeks of daily writing prompts to help you combat stress and find space to thrive in a busy life.


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