Why Are More and More Australian Mums Starting Their Own Business?


Mothers form a big part of the economy.

Going into business means leaving security behind, which is more daunting when you have a family to raise and support – yet this is what 345,000 Australian business owner mothers are doing.

Mums in business represent one-sixth of all small businesses and provide income for over half a million Australians. Mums & Co is a member-based online network committed to helping them thrive. We commissioned the Australian Mums in Business Report to better understand business mums in order to support them more effectively. We believe their numbers are set to rise, as women face increasing childcare costs, workplace inflexibility and unequal pay. The trend toward the gig economy has begun, and technology makes it easier than ever before to launch a business.

Today’s typical mum in business has two kids and is likely to be educated. Half of all business mums are between 30 and 39 years old, and 6 out of 10 mums who started their business this year have an infant or toddler. One in three are born overseas and one in 10 are single parents. One in three started their business whilst on maternity leave, and one in 10 whilst pregnant. For some, the decision to go into business was made for them, as they weren’t able to find suitable employment, their role changed or they were made redundant while on maternity leave.

Mums & Co helps business women save time and money, be more productive, find more family-friendly ways of working, and open up easier ways of doing business. Membership is free and open to mums in business (or those considering starting one). Visit mumsandco.com.au for more info.

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