5 Things No-one is Telling You About Amazon Australia’s Launch


What can it do for your biz?

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It’s been virtually impossible to ignore Amazon Marketplace’s launch into Australia. As expected, there’s been a lot of huff and puff among industry experts about how this will impact Australia’s retail sector. What fewer (if any) people are talking about are the massive benefits up for grabs for all retailers.

If you’re a retailer selling products that can be shipped via a box, listen up because here are five things you need to know about Amazon Australia’s launch.

1. It’s game on for retailers of all shapes and sizes

Regardless of whether you’re a big player or a local business, you can tap into the power of Amazon to drive sales and maximise business results. Once upon a time, if you couldn’t maintain an ecommerce store or keep up with constantly evolving web trends, your customers were likely to wave goodbye. The game has changed. Set-up an Amazon store and reach customers on a global scale instantly.

2. Amazon Marketplace is here to stay

There’s no room for a Sheldon Cooper bazinga moment here. When it comes to ecommerce, Amazon has been leading the way since the ’90s and with Aussie shoppers getting a well-overdue taste for the first time, it’s safe to say Amazon isn’t going anywhere. They lead the way in terms of customer experience and Amazon is likely to become a significant part of the Australian economy and retail sector. Businesses that embrace the US retail giant’s arrival, sooner rather than later, will reap the rewards.

3. You’ve got an international audience at your fingertips, just waiting to buy

Selling products via an Amazon store delivers instant credibility to your brand. Amazon is constantly setting and raising its customer service standards, and this dedication to its customer and their needs has rewarded the company with a global audience, some of who will buy only from Amazon. The company is already advertising their Prime membership services (which includes Prime Shipping where customers are rewarded with exclusive delivery benefits on eligible items). In other words, if logistics has seen your business playing small (or smaller than you’d like), consider this your chance to introduce your products to the world.

4. It’s not as difficult to get going as you’d think (well, kinda)

The genius in what Amazon does is how simple it makes things for retailers. Set-up your store, reach more customers than ever before, lower customer acquisition costs and in return, pay a small fee to Amazon. Unless you’re a tech whiz, though, getting your store listed on Amazon and under the correct categories can be tricky, so you may need outside help. Likewise, you’ll need to think about how whatever you’re selling via Amazon ties into your ecommerce store, if you have one. Know that software is available to ensure that any sales made via Amazon syncs with your existing ecommerce solution and back of house. Just make sure everything is set up correctly to begin with, so that you can maximise your business profits immediately.

5. The early bird catches the worm

Granted, this isn’t the nicest of analogies to use, but it’s completely true: being the first and potentially only store listed on Amazon in your industry speaks volumes to your customers. Don’t allow your competition to get the jump on your business and secure the portion of Amazon’s customers who could buy from you both today and well into the future. Be a mover and shaker in your field and reap the rewards.

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Chris Stolke is the manager and head digital strategist at Pronto Woven, a one-stop digital solutions provider with years of experience in integrated ecommerce solutions. Woven is dedicated to helping Australian businesses join the Amazon Marketplace seamlessly. woven.com.au


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