Protect Your Business (Legals & IP) Masterclass – 28th March, Sydney 2018


Legalities might not be the sexiest thing, but they sure are important.

Aimed at helping you find both the inspiration and the practical advice you need to apply to your growing business or burgeoning big idea, our highly intimate Collective101 live masterclasses are led by leaders in every industry and not only will you be given indispensable knowledge and lessons straight from top brands and educators, this is your chance to grow your network and mingle with likeminded Collective Hub community. 

Are you worried that someone might steal or infringe upon your intellectual property? Protect your business with the advice from Collective Hub lawyer, Jamie White.

Legal advice and protecting your business can be a minefield and a huge expense for a new business. However, the importance of protecting your brand and intellectual property can not be underestimated at any stage of operating a business.

Learn from one of Australia’s leading intellectual property and technology lawyers, Jamie White of Pod Legal as he teaches the fundamentals of trade marks (and why they matter), how to safeguard your business/ brand and how to protect, manage and profit from your IP.

This is your chance to gain a solid understanding of your IP rights, so that you can avoid common pitfalls and stay ahead of the game. Learn it all in a fun, inspiring environment amongst other business owners and brand builders.

The 101s:

  • What IP is and why it’s important
  • How to identify and recognise your own IP
  • Why doing preliminary trade mark searches before choosing a brand name is so important
  • How your brand strategy might be affected by pre-existing trade marks
  • At what stage of your business you need to be considering trade marks
  • Advantages of trade marking your key brand names and logos
  • How to apply for a trade mark
  • How to maintain and manage your trade marks
  • What to do if you believe your trade mark rights are being infringed upon
  • How to enforce your intellectual property rights
  • How and why to trade mark your brand overseas
  • What to do when someone rips off your hard-earned work
  • Determine what your confidential information is and how to protect it
  • The KEY things that should be in your contracts that most founders are ignoring

Who is this masterclass for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners and their directors
  • Brand managers
  • Business advisers and the senior management team who want to protect and properly exploit their intellectual property.

Jamie is Owner and Solicitor Director of Pod Legal.

Jamie White is one of Australia’s leading intellectual property and technology lawyers. He owns and operates Pod Legal, an innovative and award-winning law firm, with offices in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast. Jamie has taught at universities, written for many publications and provided expert commentary for various National media organisations. He covers all things branding, trade marks, technology, e-commerce, social media, privacy and the law. You will find White where the worlds of technology and law collide, making his best efforts to stay at the forefront of the law.

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Wednesday, 28th March 2018


6.15pm - 8.30pm


Ground Level, 483 Riley Street Surry Hills, NSW 2010 Australia



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