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It’s been a massive year for the team at Collective Hub, and, as always, we have you to thank for it. Going by the most clicked articles on our website this year, our readers are ever curious for ways to take their careers to new places, stand strong in the workplace, and ensure their 9-to-5 isn’t the only thing going on in their lives. Here’s a round-up of the pieces that most resonated with you in 2017.

1. 9 Just-added Netflix Documentaries to Sink Your Teeth Into

Whether it’s raining outside, you’ve had a long week, or you just need some good old-fashioned downtime, one thing is certain: Netflix is here and ready to help. Even better, you can kick back and get educated on any number of topics thanks to the plethora of documentary films Netflix adds on the regular. Ahead, check out nine of the best new docos around – on everything from climate change to design to politics. Read More

2. Avoiding Self-Sabotage: 5 Words You Should Definitely Stop Using

Here are five common crutch words we’re cowering behind and why we should eradicate them from our vocabulary, STAT. Read More

3. How to Love What You Do When You Really Don’t

As the adage goes, love your job and you’ll never work again. But what if you don’t? Or you think the job you’ll love isn’t quite within reach? If following your bliss has led you directly to a draining 9-to-5 from hell, we bring good news – it is absolutely possible to learn to love what you do. Read More

4. This Universally Hated Font is Important for People With Dyslexia

This particular font is so dyslexia-friendly, the British Dyslexia Association has even recommended it as a typeface for clearer reading. Read More

5. What Are Happy Women Doing Differently?

A 2009 study by Marcus Buckingham asked the question, ‘What are happy women doing differently?’ And the response was not – as you might imagine – somehow striking the perfect balance between work, life, health, family, passions and spirituality. Read More

6. Why Your 40-Hour Work Week is Doing You Damage

Working too much is bad for your health? We know. There needs to be more balance in your work week? We know that too. But try as you might to put that knowledge into action, the reality is, when a tight deadline comes around or a last-minute task gets dumped on your desk, you’re just going to roll up your sleeves and get it done, right? Read More

7. What I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Moved Across the World

“I grew up in Canberra, Australia. Technically a city, it’s a relatively quiet one compared to its glitzy neighbour, Sydney. Soon after I turned 20, I jumped on a plane and set out on an epic three-month jaunt across America.” Read More

8. Why the 10-item Wardrobe is So Liberating

Of all the obstacles to career success, your wardrobe is unlikely to cop much heat. But if you’ve ever stared into your overflowing closet and declared, “I have nothing to wear!”, you’ll know that deliberating over what to throw on each day chews up vital energy and decision-making power. As Arianna Huffington points out, “Men slap on the same thing every day, but women are expected to spend hours and hours getting ready.” Read More

9. Why People Who Are Micromanaged Eventually Quit

It’s been called a “compulsive behavioural disorder similar to any other addictive pattern”. The symptoms include desk hovering, excessive email sending and a need to control every part of an enterprise, no matter how small. Micromanagement is a far too common problem in many workplaces but, according to retention reports, it’s no longer a leadership style that Gen Y, in particular, will stand for. Read More

10. This is How Successful People Do Mondays

There’s nothing like an amazing weekend to take the shine off your Monday. No matter how much you adore your job, swapping sunshine and good times for a desk and an overflowing inbox can feel, well, anticlimactic. Steal these smart tactics from top business minds to get your week off to a stellar start. Read More

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April is the digital editor of Collective Hub.


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