Monday Swimwear Create a New Size for Voluptuous Women


Gear up for lazy summers.

As the first suggestion of summer weather envelops the Australian coastline, the beach is beginning to beckon. For Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, two former Collective Hub cover stars, that means it’s time to launch their latest swimwear range. The bikini-loving friends and business partners are giving Sydneysiders a first look at Monday Swimwear’s Resort 18 collection, Paradise Found, at a pop-up event on 11 and 12 November at La Piscine by Contemporary Hotels in Darling Point.

The pair have recently abolished sizes XL and XXL within their collections and are instead embracing body diversity with sizes V for Voluptuous and VV for Very Voluptuous. Collective Hub recently caught up with Tash and Dev to find out about the inspirations behind their new collection, the thinking behind the new size labels, and what they’re looking forward to this summer.

What can Monday Swimwear fans expect from the Resort 18 collection?

The new collection boasts a warm, earthy colour palette to complement all skin tones. Scarlet, plum, sea glass, burnt orange, and storm grey will get you through what’s left of the warm weather if you’re moving into fall, and ready for summer if it’s just beginning! The most exciting aspect of the new collection, though, is the introduction of the V Range – an improved size range that caters to women boasting a DDD-F cup, with full adjustability for those that struggle with “industry standard” proportions.

What were your inspirations for this collection?

Monday Swimwear’s Resort 18 Collection, Paradise Found, was inspired by the idea of uncovering something hidden and beautiful. The feeling of stumbling across a magical beach or breathtaking scene is encapsulated in this season’s colors and campaign.

What are your favourite pieces?

We’re in love with every piece from the new collection, so our faves are changing daily! Right now, I’m in love with the Bahamas one-piece in Plum, and Dev is loving the Somerset top and Capri bottoms combo in Burnt Orange.

You’ve recently abolished XL and XXL sizes within your collections. Can you share the thinking behind that decision?

Dev and I both own bikinis that range in size from XS-XXL, so we’ve learnt that size is literally just a number when it comes to shopping swimwear, and doesn’t at all reflect your actual shape. So many women are discouraged from ordering a large top and bottom because it makes them feel “larger” than they actually are! Just like in Devin’s case, her bust size does not reflect the size of her under-bust, so you can understand the frustration of having to settle for suits that fit in some places but not others. The newly introduced V Range (V for Voluptuous, VV for Very Voluptuous) is an improved size range that caters to women boasting a DDD-F cup, with full adjustability for those that struggle with “industry standard” proportions.

Do you think attitudes toward voluptuous sizes are changing?

Definitely! Society is adopting a no-tolerance attitude towards body shaming, and women are beginning to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin. The intention of replacing our XL and XXL sizing with V and VV was to replace conventional sizing with a conscious alternative that didn’t discourage women from choosing, not just a size that fits, but a size that fits perfectly!

You will both be at the pop-up event in Sydney on November 11 and 12. What sort of style advice will you be offering customers?

We’ll be there to offer advice on how to choose swimwear styles that complement your shape, determine the right size for you in Monday Swimwear, and find some styles that suit your lifestyle. We want everyone to go home from the event feeling confident and excited for summer!

Where are your favourite places to hang out in a bikini during the summer?

We love being on the beach! We spend so much time either travelling or working in the office, and not nearly as much time at our favourite place (the beach) as people think. We’re so excited to get to Sydney and enjoy an amazing Aussie summer – I don’t think we’ll want to leave.



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