How Infopreneurs Turn Their Knowledge into Profit (and How You Can Too)


Make money off your smarts.

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach” goes the cliché, referring to anyone in the teaching realm. Now, a growing breed of entrepreneurs is fighting back against that insult. Meet the “infopreneurs” – successful business people who have packaged up their expertise and learned experience, and are using it to enable and empower others – while making a healthy profit.

The term infopreneur is not new. It’s believed to be coined in the 1980s when author H. ‘Skip’ Weitzen mentioned the phrase in his book, Infopreneurs: Turning Data into Dollars. It shared how to turn information into income, explaining how to tap into reserves of information, tailor it to the needs of the customer, and market it to business and government.

Today, the digital age has made infopreneurship a whole lot easier. So, who are the thought-leaders in the infopreneur movement? Follow these knowledge-traders and up your own know-how.

1. The Code De-Coder: Tara Reed

A former Microsoft employee who went on to launch the personalised art recommendation app Kollecto, Tara Reed has amassed a huge online following, largely from her TEDx talk on Building Apps Without Code. Today, she is the founder and CEO of Apps Without Code, a startup school that offers webinars, coaching and bootcamps, which teaches people how to turn app ideas into profitable businesses, plus she’s also a popular Medium blogger. “My business now has emerged from vulnerably sharing my story and my experiences,” she says.

2. The Trend Teacher: Jeremy Gutsche

The founder of Trend Hunter, the world’s largest trend-hunting community, has grown the online platform into a global network with over 150,000 members who spot trends for over 3 million readers. Its founder has become a sought-after keynote speaker and New York Times best selling author (after giving away his first book, Exploiting Chaos for free). His expert subject? How to predict the future before it happens, so you can disrupt rather than be disrupted.

3. The Social Changemaker: Rha Goddess

One of Gabrielle Bernstein’s trusted mentors, Rha Goddess is a musician, entrepreneur and social activist who has one mission – to empower social changemakers to get paid (well!) for their good work. The founder of Move the Crowd, an entrepreneurial coaching service that also hosts a global summit, she is breaking down taboos around money and how to make it whilst pursuing a conscious purpose.

4. The Clean-Living Coach: Irene Falcone

Want to live a low-tox life, but don’t know where to start? The founder of Nourished Life, the “strictest natural beauty and heath store on the web”, does more than just sell products – she coaches customers on the best buys for them. Through the Nourished Life blog, social media pages and magazine, its founder shares her own clean-living choices and her (very honest) review of products, from the best natural sunscreen to the benefits of activated-charcoal dental floss.

5. The Startup Educator: Lisa Messenger

We had to add our very own founder to this list. Since Collective Hub’s conception, its purpose has always been to educate, empower and enlighten entrepreneurs and dream-chasers to put their ideas into action. That’s why, in addition to running a (very busy!) magazine, every year we produce books, playbooks, conferences and 101 Masterclasses. Watch this space for more events, where we share our founder’s experiences and our tribe’s collective insights.

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