How to Take the Middle of the Day Off


Not pausing is for fools.

Woman floating on inflatable tube in pool on vacation in summerMany of us are guilty of eating lunch at our desks, slobbering sauce, crumbing the keyboard and  littering our workspace with dirty bowls – not to mention infusing the office with the scent of whatever  re-heated concoction you’ve salvaged from last night’s dinner. Research shows that only one in five people step away for their midday meal. Not only is this habit a touch unhygienic, it means we’re  unlikely to leave our chair for more than a trip to the fridge for the entire working day. In fact, the middle of the day may well be the best time to recharge – certainly if Evan Williams, the multi-talented  co-founder of Blogger, Twitter and Medium, knows what he’s on about: he hits the gym at noon every  day.

So, here are some ways to get buzzing on your lunch break:

  • Pencil in a lunch date
  • Attend a gym/Pilates class
  • Do your grocery shopping
  • Take that meeting prep to the park
  • Run a personal errand
  • Do a coffee run for the office
  • Go on an actual run
  • Find a bench and read a book chapter
  • Stroll with a podcast or playlist


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