How to Score Serious Entrepreneurial Drive in Just Five Days


Spark Festival takes you from zero to “here we go”.

So you’ve been using your daily commute to fervently daydream about that business you’ve always wanted to start. Isn’t time you stopped dreaming and started doing?

If you’re looking for a way to give yourself a kick up the proverbial, you’re in luck. Spark Festival is headed to NSW and is brimming with forums, workshops, networking events and more that are sure to finally light that “you can do it!” fire you’ve been lacking of late.

Here are our picks from the upcoming festival, designed to get your amped up and ready to make your entrepreneurial dreams happen.

1. She Hacks Oct 13

If you’re a gal who loves to get into the nitty gritty with digital, this event is for you. This hackathon run by Girl Geek Sydney will gather developers, UX experts, producers and designers together to solve problems within a limited time frame. It’s a fascinating lesson in what can really get done not only when push comes to shove, but when a group of people start pulling in the same direction.

2. YLab Rejectathon – Gain Confidence in Persuading and Selling Oct 14

Who couldn’t use a little more confidence? Getting your business off the ground is really down to how you sell it – and not just to potential investors. How will you get customers in the door or onto your website? How can you persuade cool staff to get on board with you? This workshop aims to assist you in growing a thicker skin (which is never a bad thing if you’re considering starting your own venture, trust us) by giving you a little shove into your uncomfortable zone.

3. Creating Your Tech Business: Hacks to Increase Your Success Oct 17

If any part of your business idea flirts with the tech industry (hello, website!), don’t miss this one. The session will give you a crash course in creating your MVP (minimum viable product), potential problems that come about when hiring a developer, and how to get your product to market as quickly as possible. If anything technical leaves you in a slight sweat, take the leap to learn more at this event from Tech Ready.

4. From Idea to Exit: The Pipeline of Opportunities Oct 18

Support can go a long way to keeping you and your venture on the right track, and if getting started makes you feel like you’re standing at a gaping precipice, take yourself to this talk. You’ll hear from three avenues of female founder support in Australia (SheStarts, SBE Australia and Head Over Heels), guaranteed to leave you feeling empowered about your future as a female entrepreneur.

5. On Purpose: Social Enterprise Start-up Stories Oct 19

You might not even be considering starting a social enterprise, but if you want to feel inspired by those taking on big issues with great ideas, the social enterprise space and its dedicated founders are the place to pick up some purpose. This event features three women at the forefront of creativity for change – from mural maestros to positivity-spreading footwear – and you’re sure to leave with a spring in your step about the future.

Inspiration doesn’t always come so easy, so snap up your tickets to Spark Festival, a 13-day event carefully designed to support, energise and inspire the vibrant startup ecosystem of Sydney.

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