Fear-busting Apps to Help Cure Your Social Anxiety


Apps for every fear.

Do you flip out at the thought of speaking for an audience, or sweat bullets before boarding a flight? As you can imagine, many others suffer the same fears and some have even developed apps to lessen the terror and have you conquering the very thing you’re avoiding. Here’s our pick of the lot.

Virtual Speech

Public Speaking VR. More than 100,000 people have downloaded this virtual reality app, which works with Google Cardboard to help users practise speaking in front of an audience. The VR environments include a small or large conference room and an interview panel. It also tests you with ambient sounds. virtualspeech.com


The creation of Deepak Chopra, this free app is a one-stop shop for self-development. Under the app’s ‘Grow’ section, there are articles, videos and exercises on how to analyse your dreams, overcome trust issues and realise that fear is just ‘false evidence appearing real’. It also has a social media component so you can share your fears with others. jiyo.com


Working on the premise that knowledge is power, this app aims to calm nervous flyers by providing passengers with live in-flight information. Using your phone’s built-in sensors – gyroscope, compass and accelerometer – plus aviation weather forecasts, it predicts areas of turbulence and sends motivational messages such as “control yourself rather than the airplane.” myskyguru.com


Do you suffer from social anxiety? This online program aims to cure you in 12 weeks, using cognitive behaviour therapy to identify triggers, learn coping skills, challenge anxiety and reach a goal – whether it’s going to a party alone or asking a colleague to have lunch with you. Every user also gets a dedicated coach who they can call, text or tweet for support. joyable.com

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