5 Ways to Style Your Home Office Like a Pro


We stand by stylist Pippa Noble.

Home office of a modern businesswoman.

Take the advice of interior designer and stylist Pippa Noble, who believes “a great workplace should provide the right mix of comfort and inspiration – and also include a punch of fun!”

1. Walls

Select a colour palette that is empowering, but won’t overpower the space. Neutral rooms in shades of cream, off-white, grey and taupe can be restyled seasonally and will continually add freshness to your workstation, but don’t be afraid to introduce a splash of yellow, which has been known to inspire creativity and welcomes those happy hormones.

2. Desk

Avoid cluttering or over-styling the home office by selecting an ultra-minimalist desk that has a sense of strength and will help frame the room. Now, take a seat. Select a chair with an irreverent dash of bright, poppy colours that will add wonder to your workspace. Position the desk near natural light and fresh air and clean those windows… I’m not joking!

3. Lighting

Spot the spotlights – and steer clear. Select a lamp with energy efficient LED bulbs that will emit the perfect concentration of warm light to focus on the work you’re doing. Alternatively, select a telescopic shade to adjust the light’s direction and reduce any glare.

4. Storage

Organise vertically and horizontally to ensure the office is used to its full potential. For those who have minimal space, Smartbox is the smartest storage solution that cuts out double handling often associated with moving, by combining moving and storage.

5. Inspiration

Select one wall of the office and do something that will foster creativity, like covering in a chalkboard. This feature wall will be a talking/chalking point and also help to capture your daily thoughts. Make sure colourful chalk is always on hand to capture and co-ordinate your creative thoughts in your shade of the moment.


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