Why Gratitude is the Key to Greatness with Bradley Trevor Greive


Y'all better appreciate.

Professional or amateur painter holding creative piece of modern art with painted and cut parts on paper.

Creating a great team and developing and delivering great ideas all begin with gratitude. I’m not talking about hugs and chocolates, I’m talking about the sense of awareness essential to creative thinking; something that only exists when you fully appreciate someone or something.

Until you are grateful for someone you have neither appreciated them nor realised their potential (or your own). Conversely, when you take anything for granted you become oblivious to the opportunities it presents. You don’t have to be best friends with someone to appreciate their strengths. You don’t even have to love a project to realise its potential (though it generally helps if you do). Being able to see things no-one else can and being able to visualise new connections that others miss are a direct result of considering them carefully and appreciating them for what they are. Truly creative people never feel bored because they enjoy looking at things differently, and they know better than to assume anything is worthless (just think of all the innovative ideas that began as pointless doodles, half-formed ideas picked up incidentally, or outright mistakes…).

Be grateful for who you work with, and for all the tasks, achievements, failures and other life-experiences that made you who you are. A high-yield creative talent knows that every moment is precious and that there are no unimportant people in a successful team. The simple act of being grateful for all the people you work with will massively increase your creative potential and productivity.

Bottom line: Gratitude is the foundation upon which all creative thinking is built.

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