Why Creatives Need a Wolf Pack with Bradley Trevor Greive


Lone wolves are losers, says Bradley.

I once thought that becoming an elite creative professional meant doing everything on my own. I thought that being a lone wolf creator was über cool … Then I started observing actual wolves in Alaska and Canada and discovered that lone wolves were generally gaunt, mangy, desperate losers with bad attitudes that no other wolf wanted to have sex with.

The notion of the “auteur” in any creative field is a complete myth; it’s utter nonsense, a toxic lie, a pungent sham. Whether you admit it or not, you’re always part of a creative team, simply because every notable creative project depends upon countless contributions – large and small. In my primary businesses of publishing and television production, I rely upon on dozens of talented people in order for my creative vision to realised, and hundreds more dedicated professionals to ensure commercial success. I may have earned the right to put my name on certain projects, but I don’t kid myself as to how this happened: I’d be absolutely nothing on my own.

Bottom line: In order to welcome a jolt of high-yield creative energy and increase your productivity you should actively seek out talented, credible people you admire, with skills that complement your own. By joining forces, you are better able to create something far bigger than the two of you.

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