Jetstar Becomes the First Airline to Offer Afterpay


Get away sooner.

As if the impressive expansion of Afterpay across our favourite retailers wasn’t providing us enough ways to burn a (delayed) hole in our pockets, the Australian startup has extended its influence to the travel world.

In an Australian and travel-industry first, the company announced today that flights booked with Jetstar will now offer Afterpay as an option, firmly ruining any future chances of us saving our money. For a $10 transaction fee, any flight between $200 to $1,000 and booked eight weeks out will be eligible for the very tempting genius of Afterpay, which comprises four equal fortnightly instalments.

Upon announcement, Afterpay’s co-founder and CEO, Nick Molnar, made it clear that the move was an effort to target the millennial crowd, who are increasingly interested in taking to the skies.

“There has been a clear shift in millennials’ share of wallet towards the services industry and more specifically travel,” the Sydney-based entrepreneur explained. “We believe the demand for Afterpay in the travel market will be very strong.”

Yep – we’d say the demand for a trip we don’t immediately have to pay for would be pretty high.

Bridget de Maine

Staff Writer Collective Hub


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