How to Protect Your Business from Instagram Trolls


A lawyer on how best to deal.

Ed’s note: This post was written by guest editor Jessica Kerr, director of Sinclair + May.

A troll is a member of an online community who deliberately tries to disrupt that community by posting inflammatory content. How should you deal with trolls commenting on your business page? The best response will depend on the circumstance, but options include:

1. Use Instagram’s built-in reporting option. Instagram will quickly remove content that does not meet community guidelines.

2. Unfollow or block the person who posted the comment. And delete the trolls’ comment on your post.

3. Sometimes ignoring a troll is best. If they are looking for a reaction, they may lose interest when you give them nothing.

4. If the troll is a customer with a complaint, take notice and try to help. Humour can be used to effectively engage unhappy customers and turn them into advocates for your business. Acknowledge yet make light of the situation, and apologise for the customer’s experience.

5. If the troll is spreading rumours or misinformation, address the issue head-on and retaliate with the truth.

6. If the troll points out a mistake, look into it, make the proper corrections and admit that you were wrong.

Instagram has the right to modify or terminate your account for any reason, without notice, and at any time. So, stay the right side of their terms and the law.

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