6 Tech Tools that are Making Paperwork Extinct


Remember paper?

Ed’s note: This post was written by Chris Strode of Invoice2go.

One of the biggest headaches for small business owners is time spent on paperwork. In our tech-driven world, however, paper is going the way of the dinosaur, and a plethora of tech tools are now available to help you take the paperless plunge.

Here are six ideas that will lead you to the paper-free way.

Simple Note

If your desk is a whirlwind of sticky notes, index cards, and reminders scribbled on the backs of old envelopes, this app is the solution. Like its name, Simple Note is indeed simple. The easy interface is made for keeping notes and is available on all mobile devices and desktop computers. Plus, it can sync up notes across all your devices, allowing you to easily share your thoughts with colleagues and clients. The best thing of all? It’s free.

Google Keep

Many small business owners already use Google tools like Gmail, Drive, Docs, and Forms. Google Keep is another service worth incorporating into your Google suite. This app not only keeps track of your notes across your mobile devices and desktop, but it also can send you reminders for dates, times and even locations. No more being late for an important appointment because you can’t remember where it is.


Countless hours of valuable work and even family time is lost in printing, finding, and filing invoices and expenses. Invoice2go lets you create quotes, invoices, business reports and store receipts with just a few taps on your mobile device. Efficient invoicing means getting paid faster, which keeps your cash flow healthy and happy.


Hard drive crashes and lost laptops are hard to recover from when you don’t have a good electronic file backup in place. Take the worry out of file storage with Box, which keeps your files backed up in case of emergency. If you have sensitive documents that you would like to keep private, you can choose to secure them with encryption keys. With the sister app, BoxSync, you can access, search and share your files from anywhere on any device, at anytime.

Paperless Post

Going paperless is great, but sometimes you want to send a more personal touch than an email or newsletter. Paperless Post allows you to customise and design a personal message on a wide range of templates. Invite some of your most loyal clients to a networking event, or send them personalised thank you notes. It is a huge time saver being able to send a digital card without going to the post office, and there is even the option to schedule them to be sent ahead of time, so you don’t miss any important occasions.


Ever collected too many business cards to count? Whether you get them from clients or other small business owners, CamCard helps you store them in one spot so you never lose another chance to network with someone again. Either scan a physical business card with the app on your mobile device, or exchange e-cards. CamCard syncs across your devices and lets you organise all your business cards for quick access.

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