15 Ways to be a Better Eco-Warrior and STAT


For a more earth-friendly existence.

Photo: Pexels

1. Buy less, choose well: The less we consume, the fewer natural resources we use. When choosing your next bag or pair of jeans, make sure they are good quality, will last and you’ll still like them a month from now.

2. Don’t be a food brat: Eat fruit and veggies that are in season is great for the environment and your health. If you need a guide, try a helpful apps like ‘Seasons’.

3. Go paperless: Pay your bills online. Less paper and no shipping necessary. Also, put a ‘no junk mail’sign on your letterbox and register online for newsletter subscriptions.

4. Quench your green thirst: Swap disposable bottles for a re-usable one and to keep plastic out of landfills. It’s the greenest way to keep hydrated!

5. Ride a bicycle: Bicycles aren’t just for the Parisian streets, although we do like the idea of riding to the bakery to buy a baguette. Ride your bike when travelling locally and keep the air clean.

6. Use your clothes line: It’s not just something our mums used to use. Hanging garments out to dry helps them last longer and saves energy.

7. Get a green thumb: Gardening can be a relaxing end to a busy week! Plant some flowers, tree or veggies and watch them reach towards the sun whilst turning carbon dioxide into oxygen.

8. Plan your meals: We throw away around 20 per cent of the food that we buy, so next time you head out to the supermarket, make a weekly meal plan and take a shopping list.

9. Wrap it up: Try re-using old fabrics, your last newspaper or old maps to wrap presents creatively and with style.

10. Get your compost on: As there will always be some food waste, why not make your own compost? Your plants will love you for it and it is natural alternative, so mother nature will too.

11. Exercise outdoors: Explore remote beaches or wander through hiking trails. It is completely free and saves energy from machines at the gym.

12. Cheaper coffee? Yes, please: Many cafes now offer discounts when you bring your own mug and it saves the use of the disposable ones. we also find the coffee tastes better when it is Fairtrade certified.

13. Shop locally when you can: Less air miles means less pollution and you’re also supporting local businesses. Simple.

14. Fix it, don’t replace it: Get to know your local handymen/women and save the cash it would cost you to buy new!

15. Keep a jug of water in the fridge: It helps the refrigerator cool more efficiently, saves you running the tap to get the water cold enough to drink.

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