Why You Should Cut Out the Middleman


Know thy buyers.

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“The direct-to-consumer model is disrupting the retail landscape,” says Alain Guglielmino, director and co-founder of Pacifico Optical eyewear. “The model involves a producer essentially cutting out independent retailers by selling directly to the public either through an online store, physical store, or a melding of the two.”

According to Alain, cutting out the middleman means you’ll…

Get winning
The consumer wins by having access to products at a considerably lower price than alternatives of comparable quality. The producer wins by having a competitive price advantage against its competitors in the market.

Get personal
Consumers deal directly with the source of the product – the company. Although this isn’t usually a face-to-face transaction, in other ways it can be more personal for the buyer as they are dealing with the people who know most about the product they are buying.

Get knowledge
Dealing directly with consumers offers you a priceless understanding of your buyers and allows you to narrow down your target market and stay on top of your customer service.

By Rebecca Hanley, Amy Molloy, Melanie Dimmitt.


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