This Mum Turned an Unfair Dismissal into a Business Brainwave


A lesson in triumph over tragedy.

When Natasha Stewart’s boss sat her down in a meeting room and told her, “You’re just not the best fit here,” she was stunned. There had been no official warnings or any indication that she wasn’t doing a good job – just the subtle vibe that her new-mum lifestyle wasn’t in sync with the company’s “work hard, party harder” culture.

Shocked and humiliated, Natasha left that day with a cheque to keep her quiet and a fire in her belly. “I ugly-cried the whole way home,” she recalls. “But something inside me just went, ‘I have so much more to offer.’”

It was the beginning of something big for this entrepreneurial mum. Reluctant to go back to working for yet another boss, she threw her energy into her side project – an online store selling organic-cotton baby clothes, and funnelled her web and graphic design experience into freelance work.

Both ventures were successful and offered a taste of the freedom she was chasing, but they weren’t quite right. “I was working so hard that I was burning myself out. I was working 24/7,” Natasha explains. “And when my second baby came along, I ended up with postnatal depression because I was so burned into the ground.”

It wasn’t until she started to claw her way out of PND that Natasha realised there had to be a smarter way to work. Unwilling to sacrifice her sleep and health any longer, she sold her online store and got an unexpected buzz in the process. “I loved that experience of handing over something that I knew had massive potential,” she says.

“It’s using a business to create the life that you want. And that comes down to having more freedom, more fulfilment, and, of course, profit.”

The sale sparked the idea for Business Jump, which gives other mums the tools to start and run their own online business – and score that elusive work-life balance in the process. “It started with creating businesses, but what I realised as time has gone on is it’s so much more than business,” Natasha explains. “It’s using a business to create the life that you want. And that comes down to having more freedom, more fulfilment, and, of course, profit.”

Since launching Business Jump in late 2015, Natasha has helped thousands of mums (and the occasional dad!) through her online coaching, e-courses, pre-made and custom business packages and free digital resources. She’s now earning more in one month than she did in a year in her old job, and says she’s finally reached career nirvana. She couldn’t be more grateful for the challenges that brought her to this point. “Business Jump was really a combination of being fired and finding my power in having an online business. It was PND in learning that I didn’t want to sacrifice my time or my health in order to have a business. And then it was selling my business and utilising my web and graphic design experience and my natural creativity to start and sell another business.”

Crucial to the Business Jump method are what Natasha calls “highly automated income streams” such as e-courses, digital downloads and affiliate programs. “I’m hesitant to use the term ‘passive income’ because there’s still hard work involved to get everything up and running,” she explains. “But then there comes a point where the business will start to do the heavy lifting for you and that’s where the freedom comes in.”

Natasha’s clients get plenty of practical info, gleaned from her years in business and a focused 12 months of self-education. But perhaps, most importantly, they also get the benefit of her life experience. “There’s so much more to business than just strategy – mindset is massive. And that’s a large foundation of what I teach my clients,” Natasha shares. “I’ve learnt that the most amazing opportunities of our lives do not come wrapped up in a red bow, they usually come from uncomfortableness and pain. So often we try to run away from that pain, but if we stare at it in the face, that’s where the magic is.”

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