Iris Apfel: ‘I Don’t Think that Style has Any Age’


Guess who turned 96 this week?

Iris Apfel

Photography by Danila Federici

Iris Apfel eschews rules in favour of originality, has made silver hair cool and wants the fashion industry to know they’re making women look “ridiculous” – meet the 94-year-old style icon who’d rather die than retire.

On style
“I don’t think that style has any age. It’s a matter of attitude, attitude, attitude.”

On hard work
“I really learned about the value of hard work. I learned to have a sense of a value system. I think young people today have no frame of reference and no sense of value. All they do is push buttons and think they’ll get the answers and seem to live life carelessly through social media and everything else.
My family stressed education and becoming a person and, you know, those good corny values that people laugh at today, but they are important.”

On business
“In business I think it really is having a point of view and having a good product and not taking advantage of something. I mean, not sitting and resting on your laurels. You need to constantly try to go ahead and do something better. I always felt like I didn’t do well enough and that next time I had to do better.”

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