How to Avoid Desk Chaos with the Founder of ‘An Organised Life’


Ways to spruce your work station.

Beck Wadworth, designer of lifestyle and stationery label An Organised Life, guides us towards a desk space that looks good, is functional, and, most importantly, allows us to get the job done.

1. File away

Create a strategy for your filing that works for you and stick to it. For example, all my receipts are stored by months and all my wholesale orders are stored in alphabetical order.

2. Boxes are your best friend

Everything on your desk needs a home. I always store my invoices and bills that need to be paid that week in a black box on my desk – they’re really easy to access and it keeps everything organised and structured week to week.

3. Declutter

Get rid of anything and everything you do not need!

4. Organise your life

Utilise your diary daily. Write down appointments, reminders and everything in between. Check your diary every morning before you start your day and tick off the boxes as you go. It’s such a satisfying feeling.

5. Highlight

Colour-code your priorities each day. For example, pink are the priorities for the morning, blue are the priorities for the afternoon and green are extremely important dates, meetings or reminders. I use this system every day and it helps my brain de-stress and allows me to get through my lists.

6. Pin it

I love visual inspiration around me when I’m working – a pinboard is a great way to create your own mood board to sit behind your computer. It’s also amazing for pinning invites, reminders and business cards onto, instead of having a million pieces of loose paper floating around.

7. Style and function

When decorating your desk, use pieces that also have a function. One of my favourite desk accessories is a marble vase that can be used as a pen/pencil holder.

8. Label queen

There’s no such thing as too many labels! They separate and distinguish categories with ease. I label all my folders extremely clearly and utilise sticker labels for documents that need to be signed and artwork that needs to be checked, etc.

9. Always write in pencil

One thing I have learnt is that life always throws you curve balls, dates change and priorities shift. I hate having to cross something out in my diary or calendar. The answer: write in pencil.

10. Freshen up

At the end of every day, before you leave your desk, arrange everything into piles, place all your pens/pencils back into their pen holder and file all loose paper away. There’s nothing worse than starting a new day with total desk chaos.


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