Here’s What Went Down at Kick. Start. Smart. 2017


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Here’s What Went Down at Kick. Start. Smart. 2017

When you spend months planning a large scale event, you’re never quite certain how it will turn out. Beyond the detailed runsheets and logistical roadblocks, it is our hope at the very least to inspire, educate, empower and support a community of purpose-led people (yes, that’s you) who want to do business differently.

It’s been four days since Kick.Start.Smart. 2017 and we’re still riding high from the buzzing atmosphere that was created when 500 aspiring entrepreneurs decided to show up for themselves and their burgeoning idea – no matter the stage it’s at.

Great things happen when like-minded people are all in the one space. We know this for certain because as soon as registration opened and you all poured into the impressive Carriageworks building, the space was abuzz with energy and curiosity. We’d like to thank our partner, Lexus, for a successful session of backseat mentoring, in which attendees sought business advice from the day’s speakers and Lisa Messenger. A big thank you also to our exhibitors Fotobox, UncommonThe Little Marionette, and My Little Peony, for keeping the vibes high.

This year in particular, we assembled a truly inspirational bunch of luminaries, each representing various industries: retail, branding, tech, product development, liquor and beauty. And they didn’t disappoint. Each left the crowd inspired and invigorated to “just start” or “keep going”. Our heartfelt thanks to: Matt Jones and Stuart Gregor (co-founders of Four Pillars Gin); Hayden Cox (founder of Haydenshapes); Jodie Fox (co-founder and creative director of Shoes of Prey); Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie (co-founders of The Beach People); Andrianes Pinantoan (Head of Growth at CANVA); and Jacqui Cole (industry head of ecommerce at Facebook).

A very special thanks goes to our wonderful, vibrant MC, Phill Nosworthy, Dominic Price (head of R&D program management at Atlasssian) for heading up the backseat mentoring and of course, our fearless founder Lisa Messenger.

Lastly, a special thanks goes to our volunteers on the day, Marlee Redshaw, Mikaela Silberbach, Cassie Haywood and Amanda Ghalaini. We’re also grateful to the companies that helped bring the day to life: Carriageworks, La Tessa Photography, James Evans Videography, and Sodium AV.