5 Reasons Why Your Workspace Needs More Plants


Just add leaf.

“There are so many benefits of ‘plantifying’ your workspace – I know plantify isn’t a word, but it should be,” says Tess Robinson, creative director and founder of Sydney-based design and brand agency Smack Bang Designs. “Plants not only add visual charm to your environment, they’re known to spruce your psychological wellbeing and creative performance as well.”

Tess’ five reasons to go green:

Productivity plus

Scientists at the University of Exeter in the UK conducted a series of experiments that proved plants improve creativity by 45 per cent and overall wellbeing by 47 per cent. The same study also showed that plants boost your ability to concentrate and focus, spurring further productivity.

Sayonara stress

Increasing your leaf levels means decreasing your cortisol levels. Working surrounded by an indoor rainforest creates a peaceful, inspiring atmosphere that lifts moods and bolsters potential. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when a person is less stressed, they’re better able to handle their workplace duties. Less stress + more plants = increased employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Quality control

The clean, green plant machines constantly work to purify the air around you. They absorb nasty pollutants and provide clean air, circulating fresh oxygen inside the office. Plants that go the extra mile to create a healthier workspace are English ivy, spider plant, bamboo palm, philodendron, weeping fig and dracaena.

Comfort zone

Plants add moisture to the air and lower the temperature slightly. According to a study from Washington State University, plants can change the humidity level of an office environment to match the recommended comfort range of 30 to 60 per cent.

Eco Earth

Taking care of your green friends on a regular basis reminds you of how important it is to care for Mother Earth. Unsure of where to start? Try bird of paradise, peace lilies or fiddle leaf figs. These indoor plants are super hardy and loyal, and they won’t die if you always sometimes forget to water them.

Tess Robinson

Guest Editor

Tess is the muscle and heart behind Smack Bang Designs and a few other business babies.


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