Why it’s Totally Fine to be Rude in your ‘Out of Office’


Update your auto-reply to this.

Know that moment of dread when you come back from a few days out of the office and see the magic number of unread emails taunting you from your inbox icon? What if you could just delete them and start afresh once you’re back at your desk? That’s the advice of Brad Feld, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Techstars who, in a recent blog post, shared his strategy for dealing with holiday e-post. When Brad and his partner went on a sabbatical, instead of setting up an apologetic out of office promising to get back to emailers ASAP, he opted for this automatic response: “I am on sabbatical. I will not be reading this email. When I return, I’m archiving everything and starting with an empty inbox… If you want me to see it, please send it again after 12th August.”

Think about it this way – if someone knocked at your door and you didn’t answer, would it be your responsibility to chase them down the road or would it be their responsibility to knock again later?

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