Why I Left My Editor Role to Launch Influencer-focused Website Husskie


On taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

Husskie editor and founder Yelena Fairfax

Ed’s note: This post was written by guest editor Yelena Fairfax of Husskie.

When you hear the background story of how most people originally got into blogging or launching a website, it’s often one of two things – one, they hated their corporate day job or two, they fell into it by mistake. For me, it was neither of these things. Working a job I loved with an amazing team and a lot of freedom in what I wrote, work life was not too shabby. I was (and still am) very passionate about the business. But I saw a gap and I had to take it… Influencers.

When it comes to social media influencers, there is so much on Instagram about them. You see their perfectly curated pics as they live out incredible lives, but what you don’t really see is those times they put the camera down. Even with a deep, honest post, there’s only so much one can open up about in a tiny caption. And so I would search. I would search on Google to find out more about what influencers were like behind the square. What were their hobbies? What did they like to eat when they weren’t creating an Insta-worthy breakfast bowl? And how do they edit their pics?

But unless they were one of the big-time influencers, there really wasn’t that much information available online. It was what you saw on Instagram or nothing. And so I began to form an idea. I began conceptualising a website in which I took the focus away from celebrities and formed all content around the lives of influencers. A website that let readers into a little bit of what life is really like for an influencer behind their enviable feed.

And it took time. I didn’t one day decide that I was going to launch the website and then run into the office joyously shouting that I was leaving, pushing papers off everyone’s desks in the process (because that’s the dream, right?!). I concepted and designed and developed (yes, I went to coding school. Yes, I’m proud to say that there is no tech team behind Husskie – it’s completely my baby).

It was eight months later that I finally went into the office [where Yelena was editor of Bauer Media’s BEAUTYDIRECTORY] and told them I was leaving. And I cried. And I said I was scared. But also that I was excited and that I had to give it a go. And then I stuck around for another three months before I finally did walk out those doors. In fact, there were office jokes that I was like the Johnny Farnham “Farewell tour” that just keeps returning.

November 17, 2016.

After facing a few technical glitches throughout the week, at 2am on November 17 I slipped into the bedroom and tapped my partner on the shoulder.

“It’s live,” I whispered.

“You worked out the problem?” he asked.

“Yep! Worked it out. Press release goes out in seven hours. This is happening.”

And then I spent the next seven hours tinkering away further – making sure that all the different pictures perfectly complemented each other on the homepage, even though they were for separate articles. Making sure I had the perfect mix of fashion influencers, style influencers, career influencers – all ready to go. Reading over my press release one more time, ensuring I had the crux of the website correctly detailed.

At 9am, my heart completely abuzz, I pressed send on the press release. This was it. No turning back.

And it worked! The Husskie story was picked up by media from Australia to international publications. My inbox went into meltdown and actually stopped receiving emails because it was “too full”. And then my phone went into meltdown with people telling me my email had gone into meltdown. It was manic.

Six months in, I can say that all the cliches that come with starting your own business are completely true. It is a rollercoaster of emotions. There are massive highs and massive lows. There are days where I fist pump at home alone in my living room, and others where I sit on the bed crying. But while I’m only at the start of the Husskie journey, it’s a journey that I, 100 per cent, do not regret. I continue to be shocked and thrilled by how it’s all going. I continue to learn and tinker each day. And I continue to be excited about the future.

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