Which Collective101 Masterclasses Should You Invest Your Pretty Pennies On?


We make it easy.

If you aren’t too familiar with our recently launched Collective101 masterclasses, it’s about time you get the full brief. Entrepreneurs and founders-in-making, listen up!

Collective101 is a series of highly focused, easily applicable, and seriously empowering classes that cover every facet of business and career upskilling. Through a wide variety of classes – from marketing without money to project managing like a boss, and connecting with clients to nailing different content channels – we’ve assembled all the essential tools from the most inspiring industry teachers, bringing your ultimate business manual to life. You’ll also be learning from those who have walked the path before you, with brands that you know and love, helping you craft your own formula for success

If you’ve been hungry to learn more about business, whether that’s adding to your current repertoire of tricks, networking with like-minded individuals, or getting a refresher on the basics, try something new and enrol in one of our classes. There’s something so gratifying about staying ahead of the game. So, why not save the mid-week pinot noir and, instead, opt to pick up relevant and new skills.

Collective101 masterclasses you should know about

Real and Raw | In Conversation with Lisa Messenger (Sydney)

The 101: Lisa Messenger gets brutally honest and raw in this Q&A conversational style event where she talks about her journey as an entrepreneur, cultivating all of her learnings for you to hear.
When: Jul 25
Why: This is a rare opportunity to get to know the founder of Collective Hub and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to know because, chances are, she’s been through it too. Buy here.

Growing Without Money (Melbourne)
The 101
: Back by popular demand, this masterclass is for businesses or brands looking for creative ways to approach a lack of money.
When: Jul 27
Why: If you’re ready to get your brand out there in a creative way – without breaking the bank – and want to rub shoulders with like-minded entrepreneurs, this one’s a no-brainer. Buy here.

Motivation Design with Dr Jason Fox (Melbourne)
The 101:
This masterclass is for entrepreneurs (and thoughtful intrapreneurs) looking to create new and meaningful progress in their work.
When: Aug 2
Why: Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to learn from Australia’s 2016 Keynote Speaker of the Year? Buy here.

Networking 101: It’s Who You Know (Sydney)
The 101: In this masterclass, Janine Garner, one Australia’s most thoughtful experts on leadership, networking and collaboration, will teach you how to build a large, authentic and productive network that works for you.
When: Aug 3
Why: Networking: love it or hate it, it’s a necessary part of life as a business professional. Get in control of your network and you will change your game, make the impossible possible, and achieve your goals. Buy here.

Own Your Confidence (Sydney)
The 101: This masterclass will help build your confidence and give you the tools to be more assertive in the workplace (and in life).
When: Aug 10
Why: Get the tools that you can immediately apply in your workplace or business that will help you step into your power and potential. When we are more confident, we are more creative, productive, happy and well. Buy here.



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