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There’s nothing like an amazing weekend to take the shine off your Monday. No matter how much you adore your job, swapping sunshine and good times for a desk and an overflowing inbox can feel, well, anticlimactic.

How you approach this most crucial of workdays, however, can make a huge difference to the week ahead – and yes, attitude is everything. Steal these smart tactics from top business minds to get your week off to a stellar start.

Start early

From billionaire Richard Branson to Shark Tank investor Naomi Simson, everyone who’s worth their weight in dollar bills sets their alarm for ridiculous o’clock. And no, they’re not using the extra time to check emails, make phone calls or plot world domination, they’re rising early for something way more important: self-care.

For Richard, a 5am wake-up call allows for a morning workout, which “puts me in a great mindframe for getting down to business,” he says. For others, like Naomi, it’s a pocket of time in which to meditate, reflect or simply focus on her own needs before the world starts making its demands.

Get organised

The secret to living your best life Monday to Friday is all in the prep-work, says corporate coach Nikki Fogden-Moore, who works with top execs globally. “Planning my winning week on a Sunday is vital to my success – I think of it as a master framework,” she explains. “It integrates all aspects, from family and friends to wellbeing, work and ‘me’ time. Then, on Monday mornings, I spend 15 minutes regrouping. I check emails, create a master brief for my team and ensure that my winning week plan has been put into my agenda so it’s transparent. My motto: If you don’t design the week you want, you’ll get the one you’re given.”

Simplify decisions

Barack Obama famously only had blue or grey suits in his presidential wardrobe – because he wanted to save his decision-making capacity for the important stuff. Streamlining your own Monday routine will help free-up valuable mental space for the week ahead. That might mean choosing a work uniform of your own, committing to the same green smoothie for breakfast, or scanning the headlines from one news outlet only. Consider it a minimalist take on Monday – limiting the clutter in your life allows you to channel your creative energy into the big picture.

“My motto: If you don’t design the week you want, you’ll get the one you’re given.”

Pinpoint your priorities

If you’re serious about kicking goals in your life, personally or professionally, you need to get crystal clear about your priorities. It’s a foolproof way to ward off goal-busting distractions, says human behaviour expert Dr John Demartini. Try this ritual on a Monday (or every day): take a moment to ease your mind into an authentic, present state. Then, “Ask yourself what are the highest priority actions I can do to help me fulfil what’s most meaningful to me?” Dr Demartini advises. “Write down five or six actions, then go act on them in priority. Make sure they’re daily actions, not projects that take weeks. Every time you do this, you’ll build momentum and you’ll have more courage to walk your talk because you’ll get things done and you’ll master your life incrementally.”

Think big

You might have noticed that Monday-morning enthusiasm isn’t a guarantee – you’re responsible for filling up your own motivation tank. To get in the mind frame for a kick-ass week, self-help guru Tony Robbins swears by his ‘hour of power’ routine, which includes meditation, a gratitude practice, exercise and visualisation. That visualisation part is key – he spends time imagining his goals as though they’ve already happened, feeling grateful for the achievement and enjoying the warm glow of success. It’s a powerful technique that has scientific cred – it’s also helped athletes win medals and actors like Jim Carrey score their big break. Oh, and you don’t need to spend an hour doing it – just 10 minutes of visualisation on your ride to work could be all the motivation you need for a magic Monday.

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