Meet 29-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur and DJ Hannah Bronfman


She's got sage advice for women in business.

Hannah Bronfman

Many a blogger lives a ‘slashie’ life, jumping from one creative field to the next, thanks oftentimes to their swelling blog hits or Instagram followers. Not so for Hannah Bronfman. While she may have snagged a degree in sculpture, mixing beats was Hannah’s first love and soon she built a sustainability-focused record label (where albums were printed on recycled vinyl and tour buses ran on vegetable oil), a tech empire (that essentially created the on-demand beauty industry) and now, finally, her lifestyle blog

So, where did it all start?

My entrepreneurial spirit really kicked in when I began DJ’ing. I definitely was looking for a side hustle during my college years and DJ’ing was it. When I started to DJ more fashion and corporate gigs versus nightlife, I felt there was a need for beauty services to be as easy as ordering take-out. It ended up starting the wake of on-demand beauty services. After departing [the app] Beautified… I started HBfit in 2014.

Your background is dance and art. How did you tackle tech?

Like any unfamiliar territory it’s important to do research, ask questions and find a team to work closely with. I knew what I wanted to be able to do on the app and I knew the apps that I liked in terms of user experience so, with my co-founder, we created the wireframes and found a designer that understood our brand and made our designs look beautiful. Then, we got our tech engineer to produce the back-end functionality of the product. We were up and running in under a year.

How did you start each venture?

Something that really helped me has been to set goals and timelines. I set aside three months to really understand each industry and do a full competitive analysis. It allowed me to assess whether that particular venture would make sense financially and be worth the year-and-a-half of my time, hard work, and dedication that I was about to put in.

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What’s your advice to young women wanting to be entrepreneurs?

Don’t discuss your business plans with just anyone, be mindful of who you share your information with. Also, don’t go into business with just anyone. Just because someone shared the same idea as you for the venture doesn’t mean that you necessarily need that person. Don’t ever think you’re not capable.

You first DJ’d for Clinique and now you’re an ambassador for their #faceforward campaign. What do you want to achieve?
I’m hoping that the advice given through the #faceforward campaign will resonate with young women everywhere to be a more fearless version of themselves.

You’re never idle long. What next?

I’ve just started a non-profit called Seed Street which involves vertical hydro farms built in recycled shipping containers and we’re putting them in food deserts. We’ll have a curriculum to accompany the units to teach people about the importance of nutrition and will be emphasising the positive relationship you need to have with yourself and food.

Best new app you’ve used? Wine ’n Dine.

Favourite hotel? Hotel Montefiore in Tel Aviv.

Current book on the nightstand? Lean In [by Sheryl Sandberg].

Happy place? Muskoka, Canada.

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