Is Your Inner Motivational Speaker Kind to You?


Try a little tenderness.

Ed’s note: This is a guest post written by Danielle LaPorte.

We all have a voice in our heads telling us what to do.

Pick a motivational -ism, (it doesn’t really matter which one):

Feel the fear and do it anyway. Decide to rise. Do what ordinary people fear. No pain, no gain. Find a way, not an excuse. Dream bigger.

There’s really nothing wrong with any of those dictums. Philosophically, you could drill into each one and find some universal truth. Or you could write these off as BS motivational hype. It’s a personal choice. Here’s the point.

Like all communication, it’s the tone that makes the difference. And the tone that you take with yourself is the most important.

Is your inner motivational voice shouting or whispering? Is it cheering you on, or talking down to you? Is it acting like it’s all supportive, when, really, it’s just trying to scare you into getting something done so the world will get off your back? (Read: Your chronically disappointed mother; your successful sister, who’s really actually quite lovely, it’s just that you’re a bit envious; your subtly judgemental so-called BFF).

If you’ve got a cheerleader in your psyche who’s the best friend you never had, then you can stop reading here. Congratulations!

However, if your inner motivational speaker tends to shout at you no matter what, then consider this:

Sometimes you have to stand up to that inner voice (and to all disconnected motivational speakers out there acting like they haven’t had a down day in years) and you need to say: Don’t f*cking yell at me.

That’s it. Tell your inner motivational speaker this: Speak kindly to me. Share because you care. Really believe in me. Today, I need you to whisper. Or…Today, I need you to give me a rock opera of pure love. Be kind.

You can sing the same anthems. Go get ’em! Carpe diem! Sleep when you die. Never give up. But sing them from your heart, not your lack-mentality.

Inner motivation is a two-way conversation, not a dictation. Sweetened assurances won’t make you too soft, they’ll make you mightier. Inner kindness translates to mega motivation.


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