How to Silence Your Inner Critic


Cut it out, you.

For many of us, our inner critic is so familiar that we don’t even acknowledge it’s there. Take note of when you feel anxious or uneasy throughout the day and pause to question your feelings. Often our thoughts are exaggerated and unbalanced. Your boss might be storming the office, but it’s not likely because of anything you’ve done, is it? But we can easily think it is because that’s your inner critic telling you so. Guilty? It’s time for change.

Good enough is just that…

That inner critic of yours is a perfectionist. The need for our work and home lives to be perfect can often lead us to putting things off (you know what we mean – that holiday you won’t book because it’s never the right time or that idea you won’t act on because you haven’t got a 20-page business plan). Take the step – book those plane tickets, pitch that idea and figure the rest out once you do.

Be friendly…

Would you talk to a friend the way your inner critic talks to you? Not likely. We tend to show far more compassion and encouragement to our loved ones and, when trying to muffle our inner critic, should reverse the age-old adage and ‘do unto ourselves as we do unto others’. Any time negativity starts to creep in, give yourself a break and ask, what advice would I give to a friend in this situation?

Get over it…

When you stuff up, you’re likely to replay the mistake over and over again in your head, spiralling into state of panic. If it’s just running on loop in your mind and the thoughts aren’t actually solving any problems, do everything you can to distract yourself with a different task or train of thought.

How bad could it really be…?

Think about the worst possible outcome to the scenarios your inner critic has concocted. How bad would it be if they actually happened? So you embarrass yourself at a public-speaking gig, would it really be the end of the world? How would you feel about in a week? A month? A year…? Not much at all, we’re guessing. Utter catastrophes are unlikely to occur, but in any case, take that inner critic of yours down a few pegs by reminding them you can handle a few knocks.

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