18th Sept, Syd – A Creativity Masterclass with Bradley Trevor Greive


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To celebrate our upcoming 50th issue, Collective Hub is proud to host a very special event – an exclusive masterclass on creative thinking with Bradley Trevor Greive, former paratrooper, New York Times mega-selling author, and one of the world’s leading creative minds.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur, a creative professional, a philanthropist, a thought leader, simply someone who likes to think big and change the world, don’t miss this entertaining and highly informative presentation on how to improve your creative thinking in any environment. After selling 30 million books in 115 countries, BTG has become one of the world’s most sought after creative consultants, and is now moving into TV and Film. BTG’s latest international best-seller, Penguin Bloom, is now being made into a movie by Reese Witherspoon and Naomi Watts, and his discovery of a new Alaskan brown bear subspecies will be showcased in the Animal Planet documentary, Fear Island: Fortress of the Bears

Key takeaways

• Gratitude – The Key Attitude for Creative Excellence
• Build Your Wolf Pack: Building Positive Creative Relationships
• Why Your Brain is an Anaconda
• How To Succeed as a Creative Professional: Dream – Think – Do.
• Monkey Magic: Effective Communication + Planning Make Innovation Possible
• The Sea Cucumber Guide to Time and Energy Management
• The Eagle and The Raven: Product versus Process
• Build Your Bower: The Creative Brain as Organic Industrial Space
• The Octopus Method: Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques That Work
• Murdered by Mushrooms: Identifying Good, Bad and Ugly Ideas
• Big Little Ideas – Diamonds and Pearls and Mosquitoes.
• Butter Clam Assassin – Understanding Timing and Strategy
• A Hail The Wasp Queen: Die First – Quit Later
• Smart as a Sloth: In Praise of Idleness
• Where Do Great Ideas Come From?
• The Opposite of Dead.

You will get

• A Collective Hub tote bag
• Nourishing nibbles and beverage on arrival
• A special treat: BTG and the Taronga Zoo education team will showcase a number of native animals for BTG to talk about and for guests to interact with.

Bradley Trevor Greive (BTG) is a Tasmanian writer, philanthropist, creative consultant and a former Paratrooper Platoon Commander in the Australian Army. He began his career in publishing as a cartoonist with the Sydney Morning Herald and, after a decade of unrelenting failure, became an overnight success when his first published book, The Blue Day Book, was a surprise international hit. BTG has since gone on to become the world’s most successful humour author, with numerous New York Times bestsellers and global sales in excess of 30 million copies across 115 countries.

BTG’s most recent books are:

Penguin Bloom – The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family (ABC Books)
In Praise Of Idleness – A Timeless Essay (Nero)


“[Bradley Trevor Greive is] intellectual, erudite and one of those rare human beings who exudes optimism and infectious humour.”

– The Australian

“A wonderful presentation … Bradley Trevor Greive’s message and energy made a definite impression – The feedback was incredible, [we’re] still hearing wonderful comments. The audience [was] genuinely inspired by the lessons and insights BTG shared about mastering creative thinking at the highest level.”

Walt Disney Imagineering – Culture & Community

“[Bradley Trevor Greive’s] mind can be described much like his books: curious, witty, refreshing … Every so often you mean someone like him and it sets a whole new benchmark for what being humble and courageous truly means.”

– Lisa Messenger 

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Monday, 18th September 2017


06.15pm - 08.30pm


Collective Hub HQ, Level 9 46-56 Kippax Street, Surry Hills, 2010


149.95 (A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to support the wildlife conservation work of The Taronga Foundation)

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